Grudzeń Las

Company holds two open-pit mines of quartz sand and a sand processing plant. Quart sand was mined in Grudzen Las already in the 30’s of the 20th century and used by foundries in raw form. Nowadays the mines excavate quartz sand and process it – an aggregate mill broadens the mine trading options with aggregates and quartz, dolomite and feldspar flour of highest pureness.

Product groups:

  • quartz moulding sand
  • glass-making sand
  • technical sand
  • quartz sand for adhesives
  • technical and special quartz grit
  • quartz flour
  • kaolin
  • dolomite aggregates and flours


Events / important dates:

1974 Grudzeń Las mine starts up
1998 ATLAS GROUP purchases Grudzeń Las mine
2006 Quartz sandstone mine Piaskownica Zajączków Wschód with the sand processing plant Syski joins the Grudzeń Las Mine