ATLAS is a brand commonly recognized and trusted by Polish people. What is more, Polish people are proud of it. The special brand strength derives from coherent vision and company development strategy as well as passion of its founders and employees. ATLAS takes care of high product quality, appreciates professionalism, engages socially. Over 20 years of experience, openness to dialogue and environmental changes allowed to strengthen its position of construction chemicals market leader and expert. Attachment to the Polish tradition, stork symbol and clear visual brand identification, gained sympathy and appreciation. Mainly because of that ATLAS ranks high in public opinion polls. The brand is recognised by more than 80% of Polish people and in 2010 OBOP poll was ranked first (54% of votes) among 108 national brands, which Polish people boast of and recommend abroad.



ATLAS consistently undertakes actions for national enterpreneurship promotion, takes care of its image in Poland and abroad. Educational projects for Polish construction sector are extremely crucial for ATLAS. The corporation shares its knowledge, inspires and provides professional advices. ATLAS supports professionals, this idea is executed i.a. with a broad theoretical and practical trainigs programme. The first on the Polish market internet community portal www.atlasfachowca.pl, as well as own professional magazine „ATLAS fachowca”, enable to exchange experience. The bond between ATLAS and professionals is strengthened by a loyalty programme FACHOWIEC. ATLAS, responsible for the surrounding reality, undertakes many social initiatives. In 1996 ATLAS Charity Foundation was set up and local patriotism influence creation in Łódź of a prestigious art gallery, ATLAS of Art. Longtime sport patronage is executed with the titular sponsoring of ATLAS Arena – a sport and entertainment hall in Łódź.



ATLAS brand strength is created by the products quality. Using modern technologies, it accounts for current market trends. The company skilfully joins attachment to tradition with openess to innovations. ATLAS has own modern laboratories, where it employs highly qualified professionals. As the first Polish manufacturer of building materials it was granted the European Technical Approval (ETA) for thermal insulation systems and all thermal insulation products.



ATLAS engages in areas not directly connected with manufacturing and trade. It implements the CSR strategy. Is a participant of a pioneer project “Coalition for responsible business”, formed by principle-based corporations. The brand reputation, based on customer trust, is confirmed by numerous awards and prizes. The most prestigious are: the Economic Award by the President of Poland, double promotional emblem „Teraz Polska” (1995, 1999), Superbrand Polska title (7 times, 2006-2013) and Building Brand of the Year (8 times, 2006-2013).



The complex company strategy accounts for logtime perspective, does not close on changing reality and current market needs. It endeavours to innovation, treating the current achievements as a source of valuable experience and reason of pride. It consistently seeks to optimise its product activity. In its relations with the surrounding the company focuses on bond creation, going beyond the sales context. ATLAS supports professionals. Thinking about them, it created the portal AtlasFachowca.pl (www.atlasfachowca.pl), a forum for knowledge and experience exchange. It edits bimonthly “ATLAS Fachowca”, informing about the newest products and building technologies. It started the loyalty programme. The company sponsors the sector innitiatives, i.a. annual National Tilers Championships. For ATLAS the business mission is inseparably joined with social mission. Is a socially responsible company. Cares for sustainable environment development. It builds proper relations with employees, sponsors art and people in need. ATLAS, being the leader of the domestic building chemicals market, plans to achieve the same position in the Central and Eastern Europe.