ATLAS Charity Foundation


ATLAS Charity Foundation

For ATLAS, business mission is inseparably connected with social mission.This mission is fulfilled through the Charity Foundation ATLAS. Set up in 1996, it helps ill persons, requiring specialist medical attention, including palliative care. The Foundation systematically supports five social-care and educational facilities: four orphanages – in Grotniki, Zawiercie, Dąbrówka and Trzemiętów, Special Purpose School and Education Center in Pińczów and Special Schools Complex on Kędzierzyn Koźle. Except of help in Poland, the Foundation supports Polish initiatives in Eastern Europe.  

The Charity Foundation ATLAS is donated by the company owners, ATLAS GROUP enitities and individuals. Within 16 years of activity, the Foundation has provided the financial assistance and aid in kind, including construction materials, of the total value of over 50 million Polish zloty.

A significant investment was the funding of the hospice in Sopot. This initiative was appreciated and awarded with the title “Benefactor of the Year 2003” by the he Philantropy Development Acadamy in Poland.

The Charity Foundation ATLAS holds the status of the public benefit organisation.



Foundation statutory purposes:

  • help people in poverty, especially children,
  • help people in sickness, who cannot afford specialist treatment, especially children,
  • creation, maintenance and management of hospices,
  • giving material aid to public and private schools, high schools, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.,
  • supporting needs of religious cult, including sacral and church investments and charity-care activity of the Catholic Church organisation units.




ATLAS Charity Foundation, beside the organic work in Poland, arranged convoys with humanitarian aid, mainly for Polish people in the East – to Kazakhstan and Russia, to Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus. Most often there were medicines, food and necessities. For Christmas 1999, the foundation volunteers brought 5,000 modern Polish language coursebooks to Polish diaspora in Kazakhstan. The foundation convoys brought help to Albania and Macedonia – for refugees from Kosovo – and to Turkey – for earthquake victims.

Below we show the convoy destinations map and chronology:

December – Kazakhstan

March – Lithuania
April- Lithuania
June – Belarus

March – Kazakhstan
June – Kazakhstan and Siberia
October – Russia, Ukraine
November – Russia
December – Russia, Ukraine

April – Macedonia
Maz – Albania
August – Turkey
December – Kazakhstan

December – Lithuania


Help for flood victims

During the huge flood in 1997, the Foundation sent to the south of Poland continuous trucks with necessities, later it provided the most aggrieved communitites with ATLAS building products. Next, together with the Polsat Foundation, five houses for flood victims were built. The total value of assistance for flood victims exceeded 3 million zloty.

During the flood in Gdańsk in 2001, the Foundation also provided the victims with assistance and was one of the first institutions to give help. It arranged charity auctions, building products for flats renovation, necessities.

Trucks with gifts

The Foundation, to the best of its abilities, took care of Polish diaspora educational units. In 2004 it supported the Polish Kindergarten in Latvia. In 2005-2006, together with Caritas, it renovated and equipped the Polish Primary School in Egliszki, Lithuania.

Hospice in Sopot

The idea of a hospice building came from the Foundation and the decision about its funding – at financial cost of 4 million zloty – was taken by two ATLAS Group owners. The idea gathered a wide range of people of good will – city authorities that provided the parcel, architects, contractors and individuals, who funded the hospice equipment. The works took a year and the premises were passed to the Gdańsk Caritas.


Help in numbers

Wartość pomocy udzielonej przez Fundację Dobroczynności ATLAS

Wartość ogółem: 65.067.320 zł (do 24 marca 2017 roku)





Fundacja Dobroczynności ATLAS
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ATLAS Charity Foundation holds the public benefit organisation status.