And now for something completely different. New packaging!

Packaging – may seem a small thing, but what a change here! Since mid-April, some of Atlas products are available in new packaging – foil bags. Foil bag offer lots of advantages, amongst other things it is comfortable and tight. Let’s learn more about the newest change in our offer.

ATLAS is the first Polish manufacturer of construction chemicals which started to distribute construction products in polyethylene foil (LDPE). Until now, most of our products were available in traditional paper bags. Thus, we are the first to offer modern, durable and more functional packaging.

We have been preparing to introduce this change for several years – the process was not easy. We verified many suppliers of equipment and foil. Their products have been checked and tested. We wanted to be sure that the material offers the highest quality and that it will meet our customers’ highest expectations. We are happy to announce that it has worked out. From now on some of the products will be available in the improved packaging – LDPE foil. The change applies to, so-called powder products (including Gipsar Uni, ATLAS Sam 100). The new bags are also used with some products of Dolina Nidy (e.g. Snow-white Gypsum Finishing Coat).

The change of packaging is a multi-stage process. Products packed in a new packaging appear gradually. In the table below we list products which are the first to be distributed in an innovative bag.

Table 1. Products that go on sale in new foil bags

Product Package size
ATLAS Plus S1 adhesive

10 kg, 25 kg

ATLAS Elastyk adhesive

25 kg

ATLAS Geoflex adhesive

25 kg

ATLAS Sam 100

25 kg

ATLAS Sam 200

25 kg


25 kg


25 kg

ATLAS Gipsar Uni

10 kg, 25 kg

ATLAS Gipsar Plus

20 kg

Dolina Nidy Omega Gypsum Finishing Coat

10 kg, 20 kg

Dolina Nidy Snow-white Gypsum Finishing Coat

10 kg, 25 kg

Advantages of new packaging

  • Resistance to weather conditions
    Product is far more resistant to weather conditions than analogous one packed in a paper packaging. Foil, unlike paper, does not absorb water. Therefore, foil bag does not soak through and protects dry mix from getting moist. In practice, any rainfall during transportation or construction work would not have any negative effect on the quality of ATLAS products.
  • Tightness
    Product is tightly packed, so the bag content does not come out during transportation. Foil bags have ventilating micro-channels which provide air flow in one direction only – from the bag inside. The amount of powder (material) which can be lost is measured in micrograms! In addition, this minimal loss can occur only during the process of packing.
  • Strength
    The main advantage of bags made of LDPE is their strength. Owing to, packaging made of LDPE is used in many industries: food, chemical, agricultural, etc. Tests conducted in our company proved that a bag dropped from height of 6 metres does not break. One may ask “who is going to drop a bag from such extreme height?!” Well, this information is important, because contractors often have to write off a bagged product which fell off during delivery or on site and is scattered all over the place. Now this risk is minimized.
  • Very quick content pouring
    Product packed in foil packaging is poured from a bag in almost 100%. It is estimated that in case of normal bags approx. 5% of product mass remains inside and cannot be poured out. The reason for this is greater number of folds, joints and vulnerability to material loss from untight spots. The new packaging is easy to open and allows to dose the product conveniently.
  • Aesthetics
    Aesthetics is not a less important aspect. It is much nicer to enter construction site or wholesale point, where products on pallets are placed stably, clean and shapely. We could write a lot about it, but the best is to go to a wholesaler and see it on oneself – regular pallet with products in paper bags next to a pallet with Atlas products packed in new foil packaging.
    What else do we get from buying a product in a foil packaging? A clean car.
  • Ecology
    Another important aspect of the new foil packaging is ecology, which directly combines with economy. LDPE foil – the material the bag is made from – is 100% recyclable. It can be milled up to 14 times and it will keep the same quality parameters (strength and flexibility), as when used for the first time. From the contractor’s point of view, the advantage of LDPE packaging is the waste disposal. Current regulations state that specialized recycling companies must take away such material. Disposal of a single regular bag may not be a big problem. However, if we need to dispose bags from several pallets, it suddenly becomes a task requiring time and money. In case of LDPE the problem is solved!


Original text: Arkadiusz Armacki, ATLAS Group

English text: Michał Gosławski, Piotr Marciniak, ATLAS Group