And what can your façade stand?

Beautiful and strong façade.

ATLAS PREMIUM set guarantess the highest quality for many years.

Modern façade is not a building decoration only. It’s also a set of unique, appropriately selected parametres and properties directly influencing its energetic efficiency and operational performance. ATLAS PREMIUM set is formed in order to ensure optiumum resistance and functionality, so it can provide long term durability.


The resistance of thermal insulation against external factors belongs to the most important features of modern façades.

Thermal deformation, resulting from repeated façade surface warming up and cooling, exposes it to microcracking. When transmitting to internal system layers, particularly in winter time, it can lead to rendering coat cracking.

The solution for these problems, accompanied with the best façade properties, is given by ATLAS PREMIUM SET, consisting of:

  • ATLAS HOTER S – adhesive for polystyrene fixing
  • EPS – thermal insulation
  • ATLAS STOPTER K-100 – adhesive for basecoat
  • FIBERGLASS MESH – for improved impact resistance (120 J) one needs to combine mesh ATLAS 150 nad armoured one 340

Application of cement-free, dispersive adhesive mass ATLAS STOPTER K-100, in combination with reinforcing mesh, perfectly compensates stress and deformation, which the external insulation is exposed to. Moreover, the coat is more flexible than cement adhesives, therefore ensures better resistance to cracking, meachanical damages and acts of vandalism.

ATLAS PREMIUM SET outstands with technical parametres of ATLAS silicone render. It is manufactured on basis of silicone resins with appropriately selected aggregate and special, capsul biocides responsible for its resistance to development of fungi, algae and lichens. Great content of resin – both in base coat adhesive and silicone resin, allows for the use of much darker and more intensive render and paints colours upon the façade surface.

The new scheme of 80 new, intensive colours allows for free choice of façade shades with no risk to render durability.

More information on modern ATLAS systems and decorative coatings can be found in ATLAS Art of Facade Decoration book.