ATLAS with Royal Institute of British Architects

We kindly inform that ATLAS has become the member of the CPD Providers Network of Royal Institute of British Architects. RIBA is an organisation uniting the British architects and promoting modern construction solutions and trends, training on the newest technologies and products available on the market.

Now, the architects can learn on Atlas systems and gain annual learning points by attending current trainings, reading professional brochures, editions, etc. The first material prepared by our technical advisors, called “The road to the summit”, which focuses on the idea of external wall insulation and its technologicy is already available on

Owing to the partnership with RIBA Atlas can conduct trainings for architects both during our regular meetings at wholesale points in the UK and during the regular RIBA Roadshow events ( Our technology is also promoted by RIBA on their web and

We sincerely hope that our membership and partnership within the RIBA Providers Network will improve the recognition of ATLAS brands in the UK and bring new contracts and professional partners to our wholesale partners there.

Michał Gosławski
ATLAS Group Foreign Markets Manager