ATLAS with the Golden Building Brand of the Year award for the 10th time

Our company has been awarded for the tenth time in a row with the Golden Building Brand of the Year title. We have been also given the silver distinctions for the Brand Friendly to Professionals and in three product categories: grouts, adhesives for tiles and composite insulation systems. The solmen awards gala was held on 26 June at Venecia Palace Hotel in Michałowice c/Warsaw.

The construction brands ranking executed by the reasearch and development centre ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre is an unique enterprise, which aims to point and promote brands standing out with quality and users trust. Independent research executed among the representative group of contractors forms the knowledge about the construction manufacturers and gives trustful information for the services and investors.  This year edition selected for the 10th time the companies which were given the highest consumers opinion and had the strongest position on the construction market. The titles awarded in 37 contest categories are treated as a resume of the previous year work results, but also – as in case of ATLAS, confirm the consequently carried out product policy, including the implementation of the motto “ATLAS supports professionals”.

In the Building Companies Ranking we have been very highly rated and awarded for the tenth time. Beside the most important distinction in the general classification, confirmed with the title Golden Building Brand of the Year 2015, ATLAS was also awarded the title Silver Building Brand of the Year in four categories: grouts, adhesives for tiles, composite insulation systems and brand friendly to professionals. On behlaf of our company the awards were received by Dominika Sumisławska-Subko, Product Branch Manager and Katarzyna Śniady, Marketing Director Assistant.