DRY CELLAR – system for drying and damp proofing of walls

Atlas introduces an innovative and complex set of products for damp proofing and drying of walls – “Dry cellar” system.

Atlas Golden Age „Dry cellar” system is a proved technology of permanent internal damp proofing of buildings. It’s main advantage is based on possibility of use in cases when in order to execute the damp proofing from the outdoors it is necessary to remove terraces or roads, to dig up gardens or garrage floors as well as when neighbouring buildings or partial basement preclude execution of external damp proofing.

Moreover the “Dry cellar” system:

  • is characterised by good adhesion on damp and saline substrate,
  • does not require conduction of wall salinity analysis as construction salts do not deposit in plaster coats,
  • can be used on any type of walls (except cellular concrete),
  • enables execution of works in a continuous manner without useless technological breaks, as all system layers are executed with „wet on wet” technology,
  • enables execution of external wall damp proofing works in winter conditions,
  • does not require complex and costly tools and special machines,
  • does not contain ingredients harmful to health – forms ecological damp proofing system,
  • provides proved efficiency of protection of buildings against capillary rising damp,
  • can be widely used in old as well as contemporary construction, including cellars, garages, workshops, barns, garden and retaining walls, etc.

“Dry cellar” system enables:

  • Horizontal damp proofing against capillary rising damp with:
    • Injection cream KI / or
    • Silicification preparation KS
  • Elimination of biological contamination and filling cavities as well as wall leveling with:
    • Fungicide Atlas MYKOS
    • Renovation masonry mortar with trass RZM
  • Hydrophobisation of surface wall against salinity with:
    • Silicification preparation KS
  • Vertical damp proofing, wall plaster and sealing cove in one technological action with:
    • Damp proofing plaster HYDROTYNK U
  • Climate plaster/ finishing coat (optionally) application with:
    • Renovation scratch coat TRO (WTA)
    • Renovation plaster TR (WTA)
    • Coarse – aggregate finishing coat TSG
    • Silicate priming agent S-01
    • Renovation silicate paint S-02

More about “Dry cellar” system components: Atlas Golden Age – Systems for walls damp proofing and drying