Gel Revolution Continues…

Gel revolution continues…

In April our line of gel adhesives GEOFLEX grows as two new products are introduced:

  • Ultra GEOFLEX  C2TE S1 – highly flexible, deformable gel adhesive recommended for the most demanding tiling projects.
  • GEOFLEX White C2TE – highly flexible gel adhesive recommended for fixing cladding made of natural stone (granite, marble, travertine, syenite, etc.), glass tiles and mosaics as well as other light cladding susceptible to discolouration.

No limitation of size and type of cladding gives the GEOFLEX line the widest available range of use with the same advantages of innovatives siliceous gel adhesive technology.


  • Adhesive mortar properties fully adjusted to the type of use – very wide range of mixing water volume, allows for keeping the adhesive workability set for user’s preferences and place of application. In the same time the gel properties prevent the tile from skinking in the adhesive layer.
  • Fixing and floating – adhesives of GEOFLEX line can be used with wide range of layer thickness from 2 up to 15 mm, which allows for thin-coat fixing on even substrates or thick-coat fixing on uneven substrates with no need of substrate leveling, which makes the work progress faster.
  • Safety of use – improved water retention allows for fixing cladding of any type, both absorbable and non-absorbable. The adhesive tolerance towards the substrate absorptiveness is improved as well. Therefore, GEOFLEX line adhesives keep full bonding to improperly prepared or, so called, difficult substrates, e.g. concrete, terrazzo, old tiles (“tile on tile”) or OSB.
  • Fixing in high temperature – another important feature of GEOFLEX line resulting from the use of gel technology, is the possibility of mortar application even in temperature of +35°C. It is particularly important in case of summer time and projects carried on terraces or balconies.
  • Accelerated setting – owing to the use of special mix of cement, the mortar setting is accelerated. Foot traffic and grouting is possible just 12 hours since the tiles fixing.