GEOFLEX. Gel revolution in tiling.

ATLAS GEOFLEX C2TE has been designed in cooperation with over 100 contractors who validated the product and advised on its properties. The innovative siliceous gel technology and special mix of cement types let the adhesive meet individual project requirements, improves yield and work quality:

  • For the most demanding substrates – floor heating, balconies, terraces, OSB, terrazzo, old tiles and heated surfaces.
  • Dual mixing ratio = dual consistency. With one product, by changing the volume of mixing water only, one can tile on horizontal and vertical surfaces more easily.
  • Grouting just after 12 hours! – reduction of time and faster project accomplishment.
  • Very good spreading beneath a tile – with less strength needed. In the same time the adhesive keeps stable and does not allow a tile to sink in.
  • No flow even with large size tiles – enables safe tiling from the top.
  • 3 in 1 – floating/fixing/ floating and fixing – initial floating not needed any more. Now one can easily fix the tiles and even the substrate in the same moment. All in a single day owing to 2-15 mm thickness range.
  • Possibility of tiling in high temperature 5-35○C – the technology of siliceous adhesive guarantees full mortar binding even in high temperature and on heated surfaces.
  • For small, medium and large size tiles.
  • Foil packaging – durable and modern. Less dirt, no damage in transport and protection against moisture.


More information you can find in the Technical Data Sheet available here.