Strength in pigments

Nowadays, the main task of interior paints is not limited to decoration only. We expect them to facilitate the finishing works and to be friendly for the occupants. Parameters which characterize a good interior paint are: ease of application, resistance to washing and scrubbing, hypoallergenicity and no harmless influence on the environment. All these conditions are met by the Fox Dekorator Color Matt latex paint.

Over the years, manufacturers made significant efforts in order to improve properties of dyed interior paints. They have been expected to be easy to apply and spread, well coating, easy to keep clean with possibility of surface washing.

Latex paints

When latex paint appeared on the US market in the middle of the 20th century, it was a huge sensation. They proved to be comfortable in application, fast drying and resistant to repeated washing. In addition, they did not contain lead. Because of all these properties they were considered as perfect paints. Up till now they remain the most obvious choice of those who require the highest quality and flawless surface appearance.

New possibilities

Since then, the composition of the dispersions, on which the paints called “latex” were based, has changed significantly. Initially, they were actually dispersions of raw rubber, linseed oil or even casein. Over time, the manufacturers noticed that synthetic equivalents of natural binders show better properties, so they began to use more innovative technologies.

The latest technology and richness of design

ATLAS has also used the new opportunities available at the production of paints and has recently expanded the range of products offered within the Fox Dekorator brand with a latex interior paint – COLOR MATT. It is available in 224 colors in accordance to original FOX Colour Scheme. The shades have been chosen in accordance with the latest trends, with active participation of specialists in design and interior design.

Color Matt paints perfectly harmonize with decorative effects offered by Fox Dekorator, which has been supplying professional plasters and paints for over 20 years. It inspires and advises in striving to make the interiors beautiful. Therefore, the rich range of shades of Color Matt paint complements the offer and gives the opportunity to renew and decorate the interiors with the use of products originated from the same brand.

Only advantages

Color Matt is an excellent quality latex paint for coating walls and ceilings indoors. It is based on a polymer dispersion which provides the surface with high resistance to washing and scrubbing. The paint is enriched with the addition of wax, which improves the resistance to water and makes it easier to remove stains or dirt from the painted surface….


– great resistance to washing and scrubbing – II class of resistance according to EN 13300, up to 500 cycles according to PN 81913;

– high coverage – recommended for painting over intensive colors;

– deeply matt – gives the substrate elegant finish and reduces the imperfections;

– contains wax – facilitates removal of stains and dirt and improves resistance to water and splashing;

– excellent application parameters – easy to apply, does not splash while painting, does not leave streaks;

– vapour permeable – does not block the transfer of vapour through partitions and to provide micro-ventilation of rooms;

– hypoallergenic – designed for allergy sufferers;

– rich colour palette – 224 colors of the FOX Colour Scheme – a specially designed color palette, perfectly combined with Fox Decorator decorative effects;

– available packaging: 2.5 l, 5 l, 10 l


2 hours is the minimum time interval between application of layers

…The content of mineral fillers provides the paint with excellent coating abilities and guarantees the colour durability. Enriching additives ensure perfect application properties, prevent splashing during painting and allow to obtain a smooth and uniform coating.

Method of use

The paint should be applied upon prepared and stabilized substrate with a thin and uniform coat. Painting can be done with a roller, a brush or a sprayer. The second coat is applied when the previous one dries completely (i.e. after minimum 2 hours, depending on the substrate, temperature and relative air humidity). One must keep the same application direction within a single coat. Paint application must be done continuously, without breaks. The results will be outstanding!

Original text: Magdalena Kroczak, ATLAS Group

English text: Piotr Marciniak, ATLAS Group