TAJFUN opens the roofing membranes factory

On 20 November 2015, in Grodno, Belarus, Tajfun solemnly opened its new processing plant. The modern and highly automatised 80-metre-long processing line was installed in the hall of over 4,000 m2. The plant can manufacture up to 40,000 m2 of roofing membranes within a day.

According to the Atlas Group President of the Board, Henryk Siodmok PhD, the investment in the membranes processing plant in Grodno results from the strategy of development of the Group and its members. It aims to develop domestic markets together and to provide the customers with the widest portfolio of goods.  Andrzej Dobrowolski – the commercial director of Taifun underlines that now, basing on the technological and the human Group resources, Tajfun can develop a new line of products based on bitumens and strengthen its undisputed leadership in the production of the cement-based mortars. Paweł Ziembiński – the Izohan President of the Board – says, that this project shows a direct synergy effect from the previous technological and manufacturing experience of the production of bitumen products in Gdańsk and Jasło. This investment brings the real example of the real Atlas Group consolidation.

As confirmed by the Vice-President of the Board for Operations, Tomasz Skalski PhD, the whole project cost approx. 20 million zloty, and the pace of works was: “even quiet good”. The construction of the plant started in April 2014, so it was ended after 19 months. The investment process was a big challange, not only due to technical complexity of the elements, but also their naming. Things which can be described with a single word in Polish sometimes require a few words in the Belarusian environment. Hundreds of components require also hundreds of customs codes in order to transfer them correctly through the border.

Over 100 guests attended the solemn plant opening, including the Atlas Group representatives from Poland, the representatives of the local authorities and insitutions as well as the commercial partners of Tajfun. The ribbon was cut by the co-founder and co-owner of the Atlas Group, Grzegorz Grzelak, the President Henryk Siodmok and the Director of the Grodno economic zone Dimitri Klimenok. In accordance to the local tradition the plant was blessed by the priests – the catholic and the ortodox ones. After seeing the new plant of bitumens and the neighbouring one of perlite, the event was concluded with a meal and an artistic show.

The new processing line and the new product branch definitely bring a big and uneasy business task for the Tajfun management. Nevertheless, awarness of the above could not spoil the good mood and the happiness of our Belarusian friends. It is hard to list the happiest people, but definitely three individuals were entitled to show great satisfaction: Tomasz Rakowski from Izohan in Gdańsk, responsible for the line design, components delivery and machines start on site, Mariusz Kozioł from Izohan in Jasło – responsible for the line construction and start, and Rafał Lisik – Director for Investment in the Atlas Group, who supervised and coordinated the whole project.

Дорогие Друзья из компании Тайфун! Мы желаем Вам удачи и успехов !