façade silicone paint


Product description

ATLAS SALTA N PLUS paint is the highest quality PREMIUM class product based on silicone resin, siloxanes, reactive siloxane hydrophobins, natural hydrophobing substances, polymer dispersion, organic and inorganic pigments, modifiers and hydrophobing additives.

Main properties

  • outstanding self-cleaning ability
  • pearl effect
  • long term durability and façade protection
  • outstanding colours durability
  • coats microcracking and shrinkage cracks
  • greatly resistant to algae and lichen
  • extremely low absorptiveness
  • perfect water vapour permeability

Main parameters

  • 400 SAH colours
  • consumption: approx. 0.15 - 0.25 l/m²


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Outstanding self-cleaning ability – owing to the content of silicone resin and siloxane hydrophobic agents, coated surface is free of electrostatic properties, therefore hampers adhesion of particles of dust, dirt, ashes, pollens, fungal spores and cleans itself with precipitation draining down the façade.
Extremely low absorptiveness – great content of polymer binders and hydrophobing agents ensures high level of protection against draining water and moisture – the coating shows the “pearl effect”.
Very high resistance to UV radiation – ensures excellent and durable effect.
High vapour permeability – provides free transport of water vapour and moisture diffusion through the painted substrate.
Perfect spreading – mix of thinners brings excellent paint workability and ensures complete filling of space between aggregate even in case of thick render texture (even at first painting).
Extremely high elasticity – paint does not peel off and crack, works well with substrates and compensates façade thermal strains.
Early resistance to rain – optimum time of setting ensures complete resistance to rain just after 2 hours since drying (depending on application conditions).
Hydrophobing substances used in the paint recipe make its coat completely non-wettable, therefore it does not discolor in rain.
Coats microcracks – use of micromolecular fillers and elastic binders forms coating capable of bridging substrate cracks up to 500 µm.
400 colours available - in accordance to SAH Colour Scheme for Renders and Paints. Individual colours based on a sample available as well.
Great coating and colour durability – owing to the use of organic and inorganic pigments (including high content of titanium white) of improved resistance to UV radiation, it ensures excellent and durable effect.
BIO PROTECTION system – owing to high level of hydrophobisation and high content of biocide capsules, product forms active protective barrier which creates unfavorable conditions for fungi and algae growth and ensures long term aesthetics.
Can be applied upon fresh mineral renders just after 5 days since their application.


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solid wall
walls indoors
residential housing
public access, healthcare, educational care, offices
commercial and service
industrial warehouses
underground garages
heritage buildings
passive buildings
energy efficient buildings
city and urban areas
rural and agriculture areas
close to forests and clusters of greenery
wet and damp areas, close to water reservoirs
industrial areas, economic and investment zones
shaded areas
concrete (monolithic and prefabricated)
base coat of listed thermal insulation systems
traditional plasters - cement and cement-lime
traditional plasters – lime and renovating
ATLAS SALTA S recommended
gypsum plasters, finishing coats and fillers
thin-coat renders – mineral and silicate
thin-coat renders - acrylic
ATLAS SALTA E recommended
thin-coat renders – silicone and silicone-silicate
walls made of ceramic, silicate hollow blocks, bricks and cellular concrete
plasterboards, OSB boards
paint coats - silicate
paint coats - silicone
paint coats - acrylic
ATLAS SALTA E recommended


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ATLAS SALTA N PLUS wall paint for outdoor use: maximum content of VOC in the product: 39.9 g/l, maximum allowable content of VOC: 40 g/l.
approx. 1.44 g/cm³
Temperature of application
(substrate and ambient)
from +5°C to +30°C
Next coat application*
after approx. 3 h
Time of drying*
max. 2 h
Early resistance to rain
after min. 2 hours since drying
(depending on conditions)
G3 – matt
Coat thickness
100 < E3 <200 μm
Grain size
S1 – fine < 100 μm
Water vapour permeability coefficient V
15 < V2 < 150 [g/m²d]
Water absorptiveness
W3 < 0.1 [kg/m²h0,5]
Diffusion resistance Sd
< 0.15 m
Coating strength
class 1/ coverage 8 m²
Bonding grade (acc. to PN-80/C-81531)
Scrub resistance (acc. to PN 81913)
min. 10,000 cycles
Scrub resistance (acc. to PN-EN 13300)
Diffusion resistance coefficient μ
Carbon dioxide permeability C
Cracks coating A
*) for setting conditions: temperature +20oC, air humidity 50%


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Paint is not classified as a construction product.


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Substrate preparation
The substrate should be dry, stable and structurally sound, i.e. appropriately strong and free of layers which would impair paint bonding, in particular dust, dirt, wax and grease. Old, poor quality paint coatings, other poorly bonded layers and dispersion paints coatings should be thoroughly removed. Any gaps and cracks should be repaired and floated.
Detailed guidelines on the substrate priming.
Freshly applied thin-coat renders
priming not required
Existing substrates of low absorptiveness
priming not required
Existing substrates of high absorptiveness
Detailed guidelines on the substrate stabilization before painting.
Thin-coat mineral renders
5 days
Thin-coat dispersion renders
7 days
Traditional mineral plasters
2-4 weeks
Paint preparation
The paint is delivered ready to use. Mix well before use in order to unify its consistency. In case of uncolored paint base remove the foil divider first.
Paint dilution
For application of the first coat the paint can be diluted, particularly in case of application in substrate or ambient temperature close to allowable maximum (+30°C). Use max. 5% of water for dilution (volume ratio) – max. 0.5 l of water for 10 l of paint. Keep the same dilution ratio over the whole painted surface. Use undiluted paint for final painting.
Apply the paint upon prepared and primed substrate with thin and uniform coat. Paint with a roller, a brush or a sprayer, with one or two coats depending on the substrate absorptiveness and texture. Technological breaks have to be planned in advance, e.g. in corners and angles of a building, under rainwater pipes, on lines of contact of two colours, etc. Apply the paint continuously (using the “wet on wet” method), avoid breaks in application, do not coat partially dried paint. The time of drying depends on substrate, temperature and relative air humidity and can vary from approx. 2 up to 6 hours.


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Consumption depends on substrate absorptiveness and surface texture. The actual consumption can be established on basis of sample application upon particular substrate. The average consumption for one coat painting upon renders and plasters is listed in the table below.
Render/plaster type
Consumption for 1 m²
Coverage of 1l
Thin-coat mineral renders
approx. 0.25 l
approx. 4.0 m²
Thin-coat dispersion renders
approx. 0.22 l
approx. 4.5 m²
Smooth plasters
approx. 0.15 l
approx. 6.6 m²


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• When stored, paints of relatively high content of filler (in proportion to binder content) are subject to natural and expected phenomenon of sedimentation (delamination). Owing to this effect the paint is protected against drying. Stir the paint mechanically before use.
• Before painting, protect any elements close to the area of application, e.g. window panes, joinery, flashings, etc. When silicone paint dries, stains caused by it cannot be removed without risk of damage to the surface.
• Protect painted surface both during application and paint drying against direct sunlight, wind and precipitation.
• In order to avoid differences in colour shades an individual surface should be coated with paint of the same manufacturing date.
• As a result of painting, natural slight smoothing of substrate texture occurs. Painting surfaces differing in surface structure and technological parametres can result in the effect of various shades of the same paint colour.
• Clean the tools with clean water directly after use, before paint setting.
• Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of contents/container to appropriately labeled containers designed for selective waste treatment, emptied by an authorized company. Follow the instructions of the Safety Data Sheet.
• Keep in cool, dry and well ventilated place in tightly sealed original and labeled containers. Protect against direct sunlight, heat sources, hot surfaces and open flames. Temperature of storage: from +5°C up to +30°C. Protect against freezing. Shelf life is 12 months from the production date shown on the packaging.


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Plastic buckets: 10 l
The above information constitutes basic guidelines for the application of the product and does not release the user from the obligation of carrying out works according to engineering principles and OHS regulations.
At the time of publication of this product data sheet all previous ones become void.
Date of update: 2018-04-17
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façade silicone paint

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