silicate stregthening preparation


Product description

One – component preparation for strengthening typical building substrates, for impregnation of old, weathered and weakened by atmospheric factors elements, made of absorptive materials.

Main properties

  • can be used for surface as well as structural strengthening
  • does not cause hydrophobic action
  • characterized by very good penetration abilities

Main parameters


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    ·          one – component preparation for strengthening typical building substrates

    ·          can be used for surface as well as structural strengthening

    ·          for impregnation of old, weathered and weakened by atmospheric factors elements, made of absorptive materials

    ·          characterized by very good penetration abilities – penetrates the substrate deeply and fills the pores, does not migrate to surface pores during the solvent (water) evaporation

    ·          does not cause hydrophobic action, this way after strengthening the substrate, cleaning and filling the defects with mineral mortars can be continued

    ·          limits and unifies the substrate absorption of the whole surface

    ·          can be used as an additive accelerating the binding of cement – based mortars used, e.g. for water leakage blocking

    ·          transparent – does not cause discolouration of the impregnated substrate

    ·          for indoor and outdoor use


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    ·          surface substrate strengthening allowing further refurbishment works, including defects treatment and filling

    ·          structural strengthening, improving the mechanical substrate properties and increasing its resistance to external factors

    ·          for preparation of fast – setting cement – based mortars, used for blocking active water leakages, e.g. in reconstruction of vertical and horizontal building insulations


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    The method of substrate preparation should be individually adjusted for each object, depending on the strength and condition of the substrate material and its historic value. The substrate should be stable, cleaned of dust, dirt, wax and grease. Layers of poor adhesion and old paint coats should be removed. In case of structural impregnation, it is extremely important to fill any cracks, cavities and empty spaces in a wall with a cement – based mortar, e.g. RENOVATION BASE COAT PLASTER TRP. Do not use the preparation on saline and gypsum substrates.


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    Surface strengthening (pressure – less method). Wet the substrate abundantly with water until matt – wet state, without leaving puddles, best ca. 24 hours before the planned strengthening action. Apply the undiluted preparation with a brush or sprayer, until sated. Repeat the action several times, apply each new coat onto the substrate still wet after the previous application.

    Structural strengthening (pressure method). Drill in the substrate holes of diameter from 18 up to 30 mm (depending on the wall thickness), with spacing 20 – 30 cm. Wet the substrate with water directly before the preparation application. Place the injectors in the holes and start injecting the preparation with pressure of min. 3 bars (walls of thickness up to 50 cm) or min. 10 bars (walls of thickness above 50 cm).

    The preparation effectiveness and the strengthening result depend on the substrate type, and, in case of structural strengthening, on its structure and wall construction as well.

    Acceleration of setting of cement – based mortars. The preparation accelerates the setting of cement – based mortars, it should be used for preparation of mortars made of Portland cement and sand (proportions 1:2) designed for quick blocking of water leakages. Depending on the expected setting time the preparation should be used undiluted or diluted with water in ratio 1:1. The place of planned blocking should be properly prepared, cracks and scores should be mechanically widened and cleaned. Apply the prepared mass directly into the blocking site. If needed, the “burn - through” action can be executed – wet the blocking site with SILICATE STRENGTHENING PREPARATION KPW and sprinkle with Portland cement until the cement stands uniformly light.


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    ·          The above information constitutes basic guidelines for the application of the product and does not release the user from the obligation of carrying out works according to engineering principles and OHS regulations.

    ·          The tools must be cleaned with clean water directly after use.

    ·          The shelf life of the product is 12 months from the production date shown on the packaging. The product must be transported and stored in tightly sealed, original packages, in dry conditions and positive temperature. Avoid overheating.

    ·          Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.


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    ATLAS ZŁOTY WIEK KPW is an aqueous solution of potassium silicate.


    ca. 1.15 – 1.20 g/cm³

    Substrate strengthening (depending on substrate material, its humidity and external conditions)

    up to 60% (4.0 – 8.0 N/mm²)

    Viscosity (measurement with Ford cup)
    Φ 2 – 48 seconds
    Φ 4 – 11 seconds
    Φ 6 – 6 seconds
    Consumption (depending on the use type)

    0.5 – 1.0 kg/m² (pressure – less method)

    30 – 50 kg/m³ (pressure method)

    0.2 – 0.4 kg for 1 kg of Portland cement (setting acceleration)

    Substrate and ambient temperature during work and drying

    from +5°C to +25°C
    Available packaging
    containers 5 l, 10 l
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    silicate stregthening preparation

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