sanitary silicone


Most important features

  • resistant to fungi and mould
  • for caulking shower cabins, wash basins, toilets and kitchen furniture
  • resistant to UV rays and detergents
  • high adhesiveness

Product description

Designed for all kinds of facings in wet, damp and dry places – in bathrooms, kitchens, baths, laundries, corridors and on stairs.

Recommended for caulking the joint of the tiled surface with the room equipment – around shower cabins, shower basins, joints around bathroom furniture and fittings, wash basins, toilets, bath tubs, kitchen worktops and around sinks.

Recommended for terraces, balconies and façades – permanently and effectively seals joints exposed to atmospheric factors. For sealing tiles in the corners of the facings and for filling the expansion joints.

Main properties

  • MYCO PROTECT – system protecting the joint against fungi, mould and algae, which helps retaining the aesthetic appearance of the facing and healthy climate in the room.
  • Permanently flexible – retains high flexibility during the whole operation period, hardens without contraction; enables sealing tiles on stable wood-based panels and plasterboards, as well as on floor and wall heating systems.
  • Ensures aesthetic appearance and durable colour of the joints – it is resistant to UV rays, ageing processes and the influence of cleaning agents.
  • Forms ideally smooth surface.
  • Element of the tiling finishing system – in combination with corresponding in colour AVAL and ATLAS grouts and finishing strips.
  • 32 colours – matching the colours of AVAL and ATLAS grouts, silicones and trims, including transparent silicone
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sanitary silicone

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