Product description

Filing gypsum DELTA is designed for filling joints between plasterboards without reinforcing tapes (refers to factory-cut edges). In case of constructions made of boards fixed with one layer, at points particularly exposed to cracking (e.g. attics, wall corners, joints between boards and partitions made with traditional technologies, etc.) as well as for on-site cut boards, it is advisable to use additional reinforcing tape.

Main properties

    Filling gypsum DELTA is a dry mix based on highly strong alpha gypsum, mineral fillers and modifiers. Due to type of use and special operation conditions, the compound is elastified with polymers and additionally reinforced with cellulose fibres. Appropriate amount of polymers improves elasticity and bonding to substrate, whereas content of fibres strengthens and thickens the material structure, therefore improves resistance to cracking and joint mechanical strength. The mass is plastic, easy to apply and shape. The mortar sets and dries with limited shrinkage (no effect of mass retention), which reduces stress causing surface cracking. The mass forms between plasterboards very durable bond characterised by high strength. Jointing without tapes reduces the time of application and its cost.