Product description

White Base Coat Mass GRUNT-FARBA is designed for proper preparation of mineral substrates prior to application of surface interior paints.

Main properties

  • time of drying - approx. 6 h

Main parameters

  • coverage: 7 m² from 1 kg (for single painting)


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White Base Coat Mass GRUNT-FARBA is designed for proper preparation of mineral substrates prior to application of surface interior paints. Can be used for first painting (upon fresh, but appropriately aged substrates) as well as renovation one (upon existing paint coatings). It is recommended upon gypsum substrates (plasters, top finishes, finishing coats, plasterboards), but also upon cement-lime and cement plasters. Can also be used upon concrete and rough walls made of bricks, blocks, ceramic, silicate and concrete hollow blocks. The agent is manufactured white, but can also be initially tinted beneath surface paint with any general-use, water-dilutable colourants for interior paints. The agent can be applied manually or mechanically with spraying equipment.


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White Base Coat Mass GRUNT-FARBA is manufactured as ready-to-use mix of dispersions of styrene-acrylic resins, fillers, pigments and modifiers. After application forms coat which unifies substrate properties – colour shade and structure – therefore facilitates application of surface paints. Its use is particularly helpful when painting plasterboards or substrates coated with point fillings or well bonded paint coatings. The use of base coat agent improves coating and bonding to the substrate, it also reduces consumption of surface paint.


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The substrate should be appropriately aged (gypsum plasters – min. 2 weeks, cement-lime plasters – min. 3-4 weeks), dry (humidity up to 3%), sound and cleaned of impurities which would impair bonding, particularly dirt, dust, wax and fats. Poorly bonded substrate elements should be hacked off, loose dusty fragments additionally cleaned with the use of a card.


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White Base Coat Mass GRUNT-FARBA is manufactured ready-to-use. After opening the container, mix the content in order to unify the consistency. In case of machine application, it is allowable to dilute the agent with clean water (max. 10%).


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The agent is applied with a roller, a paintbrush or sprayed with thin, uniform coats. Depending on substrate absorptiveness, the application is conducted once or twice. The second coat can be applied when the previous one dries. Time of drying is approx. 6 hours and depends on substrate type, temperature and air relative humidity. Coating with surface paint can commence 6-12 hours since the agent application, when the agent is appropriately dry. Clean the tools with clean water directly after use.


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The average coverage: 7 m² from 1 kg (for single painting). Actual consumption depends on substrate properties and tools used for application.


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Plastic buckets 21 kg.
Pallet: 336 kg in 21 kg buckets.


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Keep in tightly sealed original and labelled packages. Keep in dry and cool place, protect against high temperature (above +30°C) and freezing. Shelf life is 12 months from the production date given on the package. Incoherence with recommendations listed above may impact the product working parameters.


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approx. 1.5 g/cm³
Time of drying:
approx. 24 h
Maximum allowable content of VOC:
30 g/l
Maximum content of VOC in the product:
13.3 g/l
Temperature of substrate and air:
from +5 °C to +25 °C
humidity: up to 70%
The product has been given the hygiene certificate no. HK/B/0232/01/2015 issued by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene and the Radiation Hygiene Certificate no. HR/B/52/2014.
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not leave the containers open.
The above information constitutes basic guidelines for the application of the product and does not release the user from the obligation of carrying out works according to building principles and OHS regulations. At the time of publication of this product data sheet all previous ones become void.