gypsum top finish


Most important features

  • reinforced with polymers
  • maximum single coat thickness 3 mm
  • for manual and spray application
  • for manual and mechanical sanding

Product description

For application as a gypsum top finish on walls and floors.
For filling of small gaps in walls and ceilings – may be used for levelling of surface prior to the application of top finish.
Types of substrates – concrete, aerated concrete; gypsum, cement, cement-lime, gypsum plasters and plasterboards.
Types of finishing coats – painting coats and wallpapers.

Main properties

  • Product is classified as a C7 – Finishing product, according to regulation.
  • Improved hardness – strength of gypsum intergranular bonds was improved owing to the addition of modified polymers - redispersible powder resins - therefore PLUS GIPSAR forms uniform, firm and smooth surface for further painting and wallpapering.
  • Mechanical and manual sanding – can be processed with professional grinders with appropriate sanding discs. Top finish may also be processed manually, where slight irregularities can be removed with a sand paper or polishing mesh.
  • Forms strong and stable substrate – surface can be conveniently sanded, dust does not block mesh or sand paper.
  • Spray application – accelerates coat application in comparison to traditional methods.
  • Excellent workability – thick and creamy consistency, does not form bubbles, roll or break during application, easy to smoothen.
  • Very smooth surface – aesthetic, uniform and smooth, forms excellent substrate for painting or wallpapering.
  • Perfect for painting – due to the content of polymers in a top finish, painting is facilitated and accelerated.
  • Resistant to cracking arising from contraction during setting.
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gypsum top finish

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