water-dilutable, ready-to-use interior filler


Most important features

  • ready-to-use
  • white
  • good bonding to the substrate
  • high mechanical resistance
  • can be grinded, planed, cut or drilled after drying
  • perfect beneath enamel coatings.

Product description

UNIVERSAL PUTTY is a ready-to-use, water-dilutable putty designed for filling surface and deep gaps or irregularities (scratches, cracks, cavities) in the surface of wood or wood-based materials.
Place of use: walls and ceilings indoors.
Substrate type: plasters, concrete, stone, plasterboards, wood-like and any other sound, previously cleaned and prepared substrates.

Main properties

  • high-quality filling material - contains up to 75% of high - quality fillers, which makes it easy to apply and smooth
  • ready to use
  • has high adhesion - perfectly adheres to the ground, also on the edges and corners of the material
  • it is an ideal finish for varnishes, enamels, stains and waxes
  • after drying it remains flexible, it can be sanded, planed, cut and drilled
  • has high mechanical resistance

Main parameters

  • temperature of use: from +5°C up to +30°
  • number of coats: 1 or more
  • time of drying: tack-free surface after approx. 2 h; 24 h in case of large gaps
  • application of subsequent coat: after 2 h
  • dilution: water – dilute in 5-10% of water if needed
  • technical requirements: Hygienic Certificate issued by Polish Institute of Hygiene
  • shelf life: 24 months
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water-dilutable, ready-to-use interior filler

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