thin-coat mineral render


Najważniejsze cechy

  • reinforced with polymers
  • durable and resistant to micro-cracking
  • water vapour permeable
  • spotted 2.0 mm
  • two colour versions – white and for painting


ATLAS CERMIT ND is a decorative and protective top finish of façades or internal walls.

Light and durable rendering coat – perfect top finish of thermal insulation systems.

Recommended for façades, where high water vapour permeability should be kept – porous structure of set render ensures free transfer of water vapour – therefore can be used, e.g. as finishing coat of external walls of roofed pools, kitchens, drying houses, laundries, cold storage plants, gym halls, baths, old buildings, where keeping proper warm and humidity parameters of partition is essential.

Recommended for buildings exposed to algae and fungi – situated close to clusters of greenery and water reservoirs; high pH (~12) hinders development of biological corrosion occurring in the form of brownish – green deposit and resulting in the surface damage.

Główne właściwości

  • Allows for free technological areas adjoining.
  • Forms snow-white surface, does not require painting (white version of ATLAS CERMIT ND) – version for painting must be finished with paint coat, e.g. ATLAS SALTA. Paint must be applied not later than 1 year since the render application (render can be left unpainted during single winter time only).
  • Resistant to micro-cracking – contains special microfibres strengthening its structure.
  • Additional melioration of strength parametres in time - owing to positive influence of the natural process of mineral renders carbonation, which limits their absorbability, hardens structure and improves resistance to chemical aggression.
  • High strength and hardness – owing to polymer-reinforced mix of binders – white, fine, high grade cement type and lime as well as specially selected dolomite aggregate.
  • MYCO PROTECT – high pH naturally protects the render against biological corrosion, i.e. development of fungi and algae on the render surface, for long time.
  • Does not attract dust, dirt, pollen as well as pollution from exhaust fumes.
  • Non-flammable – in combination with mineral wool forms non-flammable thermal insulation system for walls.