Kamil Stoch

Kamil Stoch – The best Polish ski jumper and at the same time the most titled Polish athlete of the Winter Olympic Games. He was the second (after Sven Hannawald) to win all four competitions of the 4-Hills-Tournament during one edition. He is also one of the three jumpers (alongside Sven Hannawald and Helmut Recknagel) who have won five competitions of 4-Hills-Tournament in a row. Individual three-time Olympic Champion and World Champion and Vice-Champion, two-time World Cup winner and the Polish ski jump record holder – 251.5 m. After winning the competition on January 26, 2020, he became the first ski jumper in history to win at least one individual World Cup competition for ten years in a row!

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 Bartłomiej Mróz

Bartłomiej Mróz – One of the most popular para-badminton players in the world. Founder and CEO of the foundation named after him and the Level 1 international trainer. Well-known promoter of badminton – trains PE teachers and conducts lessons for children. The only Pole with a chance for qualification to a badminton debut at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. He is 4th in the world para-badminton ranking in a singles game and 4th in the Olympic Race to Tokyo 2020 ranking.

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