impregnator for mineral render imitating natural wood texture ATLAS CERMIT WN


Product description

Application of thin, colourful protective coat on decorative renders imitating wood texture ATLAS CERMIT WN – product is a component of external wall insulation systems ATLAS ETICS and ATLAS ROKER; can also be used on concrete substrates, mineral renders of any type (smooth, textured, etc.), gypsum plasters and finishes, plasterboards, etc.

Main properties

  • highly resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • resistant to soiling
  • outstanding coat elasticity
  • colour durability
  • wide range of colours of natural wood

Main parameters

  • 10 colours
  • consumption: approx. 0.1-0.15 kg/1 m²/coat


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Coat elasticity and high resistance to atmospheric conditions – owing to rich content of polymer dispersions.
Strongly hydrophobic, resistant to soiling – content of special silicone resins allows for significant reduction of coating absorptiveness, therefore reduces dust and dirt deposition, particularly in the render scores.
Durable and stable colours – specially selected semi-transparent pigments of high resistance to UV radiation, supplemented with minor addition of inorganic pigments assure long term colour stability.
Available in 10 colours of natural wood – colour range designed according to preferences of users from various European countries.

01 Alder

02 Pine

03 Walnut

04 Oak

05 Mahogany

06 Teakwood

07 Rosewood

08 Birch

09 Ebony

10 Acacia


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ATLAS BEJCA is manufactured on the basis of mix of dispersion of low molecular weight polymers and silicone resins.
1.02 g/cm³
Impregnator preparation, substrate and ambient temperature during work, air relative humidity
from +5 °C to +25 °C, humidity < 80%
Drying time
approx. 30 minutes
Water absorptiveness after 24 h
≤ 200 g/m², with mineral render ATLAS CERMIT WN
Early resistance to rain
after approx. 24 h
Coat scrub resistance
above 5000 moves, acc. to PN-C/81913
Relative diffusion resistance
≤ 1.0 m
Impact resistance
category II, with mineral render ATLAS CERMIT WN, standard MW, base coat ATLAS ROKER W-20
other – category III
Reaction to fire
fire retardant with mineral render ATLAS CERMIT WN


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The product is listed in the following approvals for thermal insulation systems:
System name
Technical Approval No.
Certificate No.
The product has been given the Radiation Hygiene Certificate.


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Substrate preparation
Impregnator ATLAS BEJCA should be used on dry and sound, clean substrates:
- decorative mineral renders ATLAS CERMIT WN – after min. 3 days* since application,
- thin-coat mineral renders ATLAS CERMIT SN and DR - after min. 3 days* since application,
- traditional plasters made of ATLAS PLASTERING MIX, cement and cement-lime plasters - after min. 14 days* since application, structural moisture content < 2%,
- concrete - after min. 3 months* since application, structural moisture content < 2%,
- gypsum plasters and finishes, moldings, plasterboards – structural moisture content < 2%.
Any substrates coated with ATLAS BEJCA impregnator should be permanently damp proofed.
*) Note: for setting conditions: temperature+20°C, air humidity 50%
Impregnator preparation
Impregnator is delivered ready-to-use. It must not be mixed with other materials. Mix well before use in order to unify the consistency, best with a low speed mixer with a drill. Repeat mixing during application, if needed.
Impregnator application
Impregnator can be applied with one or two coats. Use clean tools and containers only. ATLAS BEJCA should be applied upon substrate with a brush, a roller or a sponge. Coat ATLAS CERMIT WN along the pressed “wood rings”. In case of spray application, protect neighbouring elements, windows and doors. Apply the impregnator with uniform, thin coat, avoid patches and unpainted points. Coat any render scores thoroughly. Do not leave unpainted points. Time of drying - approx. 30-120 minutes, depending on substrate type, air temperature and relative humidity. In high humidity and temperature close to +5°C the setting time can extend.


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Average consumption - approx. 0.1-0.15 kg/1 m²/coat. The actual consumption can be established on basis of sample application upon particular substrate.


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• In order to avoid differences in colour shades an individual surface should be coated with impregnator of the same manufacturing date.
• Tools must be cleaned with clean water directly after use.
• Due to high sun radiation absorption, dark, intensive colours of renders (HBW < 20) are recommended on limited façade surfaces.
• Do not use the product on horizontal surfaces exposed to direct water and snow action as well as damp resulting from capillary action.
• Protect the painted surface both during application and approx. 24 hours after against direct sunlight. Use scaffolding covers. Protect painted surface against dust and precipitation until the impregnator dries.
• Keep in tightly sealed original and labeled containers. Keep in dry and cool places, protect against overheating (> 30 °C) and freezing - the product freezes and irreversibly loses its performance in temperature below 0 °C. Protect against direct sunshine. Incompatible materials: avoid contact with aluminum, copper and alloys of these metals. Shelf life in conditions as specified is 12 months from
the production date shown on the packaging.


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Plastic bucket: 1 l, 4 l
The above information constitutes basic guidelines for the application of the product and does not release the user from the obligation of carrying out works according to engineering principles and OHS regulations.
At the time of publication of this product data sheet all previous ones become void.
Date of update: 2018-07-31
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impregnator for mineral render imitating natural wood texture ATLAS CERMIT WN

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