mineral render imitating natural wood texture


Product description

Highly resistant to micro-cracking – owing to specially selected fillers and additional structural reinforcement with microfibres.
High strength and durability – owing to the use of polymerized cement-lime mortar based on white cement and hydrophobic agents ensuring very good structural tightness of coating. The natural process of mineral renders carbonation limits the absorbability, hardens structure and improves resistance to chemical aggression.
MYCO PROTECT – high rendering coat alkalinity and hydrophobisation form natural protection against development of fungi and algae – particularly important for buildings located in the vicinity of clusters of greenery, water tanks, in shadowed city zones of high pollution concentration.
Does not attract dust, dirt, pollen present in air.
Can be applied with recommended rendering units.

Main properties

  • perfectly imitates natural wood texture
  • durable and resistant to micro-cracking
  • highly water vapour permeable
  • hydrophobic
  • resistant to biological corrosion

Main parameters

  • consumption: from 2.5 kg/m²
  • aggregate grain size: 1 mm


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Application of surface imitating wood texture, which is pressed in the render with a silicone mold forms durable and decorative finishing coat of façades and indoor walls, in various room types. Can be applied upon whole façade surface as well as fragments only.
Application of thin-coat renders imitating wood texture – rendering coat ensures free transfer of water vapour; forms perfect finishing coats of external partitions (one- and two-layer), internal walls, masonry and casted architectonic elements, etc. in single- and multi-family housing, public access, commercial, service and gastronomy buildings, etc.
General use – ATLAS CERMIT WN is recommended for application of stylized rendering coats imitating natural wood texture on external wall insulation systems (ETICS), concrete substrates, mineral renders of any type (smooth, textured, etc.), gypsum plasters and top coats, plasterboards, fibre cement boards, etc.
Does not attract dust, dirt, pollen present in air.
Can be applied with recommended rendering units.

Colour and texture: – white, imitating wood (after pressing with silicone mold)
Aggregate grain size: – up to 1.0 mm


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ATLAS CERMIT WN is manufactured as a dry mix of white cement and lime, selected dolomite aggregates and quartz powder, modifiers and hydrophobic agents.
Mixing ratio (water/dry mix)
0.21 ÷ 0.24 l/1 kg
5.25 ÷ 6.00 l/25 kg
Mass preparation temperature, substrate and ambient temperature during work
from +5°C to +25°C
Maturing time
approx. 10 minutes
Pot life
1.0 hour


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The render is listed in the following approvals for thermal insulation systems:
System name
Technical Approval No.
Certificate No.
The product has been given the Radiation Hygiene Certificate.


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Substrate preparation
The substrate should be:
stable – sufficiently rigid and sufficiently long stabilized and primed
even – irregularities and gaps should be filled with, e. g. ATLAS ZW 50, ATLAS ZW 330, ATLAS PLASTERING MIX or adhesive mortars used for installation of base coats of thermal insulation systems; prime the surface with ATLAS UNI-GRUNT emulsion before repairs,
clean – free from layers which would impair the render bonding, especially dust, dirt, lime, oil, grease, wax, residues of oil and emulsion paints; substrates infected by biological corrosion must be cleaned with ATLAS MYKOS agent,
Detailed requirements for substrates:
Detailed requirements for substrates:

Substrate type
Requirements for stabilisation
Base coat of external thermal insulation systems (ETICS) made of ATLAS adhesive mortars
min. 3 days*
Fresh cement plasters made of ATLAS cement plasters, traditional cement and cement-lime plasters
min. 7 days*, moisture content 4%
min. 28 days*, structural moisture content < 4%
moisture content < 2%
Plasterboards and fibre cement boards, firmly fixed according to manufacturer’s guidelines and building technology
moisture content < 2%
Well bonded paint coatings indoors
No requirements
*) Note: for setting conditions: temperature+20oC, air humidity 50%

Rendering mass preparation
Pour the material from the bag into a bucket and mix dry. Next, pour the mix into a container with suitable amount of water (see Technical Data for ratio) and mix mechanically until homogenous. Leave the mass to rest for 10 minutes and remix. The mass should be used up within approx. 1 hour. During application, mix the mass on regular basis in order to keep homogenous consistency.
Mass application and texture forming
The mass should be applied with a smooth stainless steel float, with coat approx. 4 mm thick. In order to unify the coat thickness, one can float it with a notched trowel (notch size 10 mm), led at an angle and smooth again. Leave the mass for initial setting and slight surface drying (approx. 20-60 minutes depending on weather conditions). Monitor this time thoroughly. Press the wood texture with a silicone mold upon the prepared surface. Coat the mold with ATLAS ANTI-ADHESION AGENT before use. Remove any render residues from the mold cavities before the next use. The mass hardens within 24 hours and can be coated with colouring impregnator ATLAS BEJCA after 3 days (for setting conditions: temperature+20°C, air humidity 50%).
Average consumption - approx. 2.5-3.0 kg/1 m². The actual consumption can be established on basis of sample application upon particular substrate.


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Average consumption - approx. 2.5-3.0 kg/1 m². The actual consumption can be established on basis of sample application upon particular substrate.


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• Apply the render with the “wet on wet method”, prevent the textured coat from drying before application of the subsequent coat. Otherwise the seams will be visible. Technological breaks have to be planned in advance, e.g. in corners and angles of a building, under rainwater pipes, etc.
• Protect the rendered surface both during work and render setting against direct sunlight, wind and precipitation.
• The setting time depends on substrate type, temperature and relative air humidity, and can vary from 12 up to 48 hours. The substrate and ambient temperature during work and render setting must be between +5°C and +25°C.
• Tools must be cleaned with clean water directly after use. Difficult to remove residues of the set render can be removed with ATLAS SZOP agent.
• Contains cement. May cause respiratory irritation. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye damage. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid breathing dust. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. IF ON SKIN (or hair): Remove/Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water/shower. If skin irritation or a rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do – continue
rinsing. Follow the instructions of the Safety Data Sheet.
• The render must be transported and stored in tightly sealed bags, in dry conditions (most preferably on pallets). Protect against humidity. Shelf life in conditions as specified is 12 months from the production date shown on the packaging. Content of soluble chromium (VI) in ready-to-use mix - ≤ 0.0002%.


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Paper bags: 25 kg
Pallet: 1,050 kg in 25 kg bags
The above information constitutes basic guidelines for the application of the product and does not release the user from the obligation of carrying out works according to engineering principles and OHS regulations.
At the time of publication of this product data sheet all previous ones become void.
Date of update: 2016-09-14