ATLAS POSTAR 100 (10-80 mm)

ATLAS POSTAR 100 (10-80 mm)

self-spreading cement floor

ATLAS POSTAR 100 (10-80 mm)

Most important features

  • very high compressive strength ≥ 50.0 N/mm²
  • warehouses, production halls, on driveways
  • limited linear shrinkage
  • self-spreading – easy in use
  • for manual and machine application

Product description

Levels surfaces within 10 - 80 mm thickness range - layer thickness depends on the expected structural arrangement. For leveling local irregularities as well as large scale flooring with slope.
Forms floor of high strength – recommended for loading ramps, driveways, underground car parks, terraces, balconies, warehouses, etc.
Can form top flooring layer as well as screed for other finishing materials.
Can be installed as screed with heating system – does not require elastifying admixtures, conducts heat well.
Can form screed for top flooring layers, e.g. parquet, epoxy floors and coats - characterised by high cohesion and resistance to setting forces, which occur within the joint with flooring layer, e.g. during expansion and contraction of wood resulting from the changes of humidity.

Main properties

  • Perfect spreadability - enables execution of horizontal surfaces even in large rooms, with no use of battens and mass raking up with a darby.
  • Compressive strength ≥ 50.0 N/mm².
  • Flexural strength ≥ 7.0 N/mm².
  • Low linear shrinkage - minimum changes in linear dimensions during screed drying (approx. 0.6 mm/rm) limit the risk of cracking.
  • Suitable for machine application – easy and quick flooring even in large rooms.

Main parameters

  • Mixing ratio (water/dry mix) 0.13 ÷ 0.15 l/1 kg
  • Min./max. screed or floor thickness 10 mm / 80 mm
  • Pot life min. 30 minutes
  • Foot traffic after approx. 24 hours
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ATLAS POSTAR 100 (10-80 mm)
ATLAS POSTAR 100 (10-80 mm)
self-spreading cement floor

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