Tools & Services

We kindly invite you to check our tools which can surely help in your everyday projects.

Here, anyone who deals with designs, calculations and budget estimation for construction projects, may use the apps prepared by ATLAS specialists. Our professional tools facilitate work of those who use ATLAS technological solutions in the process of designing and building.


Design details


The solutions presented are based on the most up-to-date knowledge about particular subjects and aim to help the designers in the project documentation preparation.


Colours and materials library


Colours and materials library is a tool which enables import of sets of textures and colours of ATLAS renders and paints.

With this application, at the design stage, you may choose the colour and insert it in the visualization as to see the façade appearance closest to the final effect. The tool is designed for programs Auto CAD, Archi CAD.


Colours chart


Virtual colour palette showing the colours of grouts, paints, thin-coat dispersion, mosaic and wood-texture renders available with ATLAS systems. The application gives comprehensive info on the shades availability within a particular product subgroup as well as possibilities of their use on surfaces exposed to sunshine, e.g. houses façades. It also gives the diffused light reflection coefficient and colour equivalent in the RGB palette.