The components of ATLAS PREMIUM SET has been selected in order to provide thermal insulation system with optimum resistance against external factors.

In particular, these are thermal deformations resulting from repeated heating and cooling of the façade surface.

Check exceptional, properly selected parametres and properties influencing the energetic efficiency and operational performance of the set.

Base coat made of cement-free, dispersive adhesive mass ATLAS STOPTER K-100 with reinforcing mesh embedded perfectly intercepts stress and deformation, which the thermal insulation system is exposed to. It is more flexible than cement adhesives and resistant to microcracking. It gives greater system resistance against mechanical damage and acts of vandalism.






The use of this set, with mix of ATLAS 150 reinforcing mesh and armored 340 g/m² mesh allows to reach impact resistance of even 120 J, which is in line with a hit of a ball kicked by a professional footballer.

Also ATLAS SILICONE RENDER, manufactured on the basis of modern silicone resins, offers the greatest technical performance. It contains appropriately selected aggregate, which ensures structural tightness of coats, and special biocide capsules, which improve its resistance against fungi, algae and lichens growth. Great content of resins in the base coat adhesive and in the silicone render allows for possibility of use of much darker and more intensive colours of façade renders (of HBW* coefficient < 20%). Therefore, their use does not have to be restricted to limited surfaces only.

Wzornik kolorów ATLAS

Our colour scheme contains 80 new intensive shades, which can be used on large façade surfaces and allows for free designing of system colours. The surface formed with ATLAS PREMIUM SET ensures long term durability and aesthetics.
*this set allows to use shades of HBW (diffuse reflection) coefficient below 20%. In practice, it means colours which absorb plenty of solar energy, which causes significant heating of the façade surface.