façade silicone paint


Most important features

  • long term durability and façade protection
  • outstanding colour durability
  • self-cleaning ability
  • early resistance to rain
  • highly resistant to algae and lichens
  • no primer required

Product description

ATLAS SALTA N paint is the highest quality product based on silicone resin, polymer dispersion, organic and inorganic pigments, modifiers and hydrophobing agents.

Main properties

  • Self-cleaning ability – owing to the content of silicone resin and siloxane hydrophobic agents the coated surface cleans itself during precipitation.
  • Low absorptiveness – great content of polymer binders and hydrophobing agents ensures high level of protection against draining water and moisture.
  • High vapour permeability – provides free transport of water vapour through the painted substrate.
  • Perfect applicability and spreading – the mix of thinners brings excellent workability, eliminates splashing during application with rollers, ensures complete filling of space between aggregate, even in case of thick texture (at first coating).
  • High elasticity – paint does not peel off and crack, works well with the substrate and compensates façade thermal strains.
  • Early resistance to rain – optimum setting time ensures complete resistance to rain just after 2 hours since application.
  • Free arrangement - palette of 400 popular colours, in accordance to SAH Colour Scheme for Renders and Paints. Individual colours based on a sample available as well.
  • Great coating and colour durability – owing to the use of organic and inorganic pigments (including titanium white) of improved resistance to UV radiation, it ensures excellent and durable effect after single coating.
  • BIO PROTECTION system – owing to high level of hydrophobisation and content of biocide capsules, it forms active protective barrier, which creates unfavourable conditions for fungi and algae growth and ensures long term aesthetics.
  • Application in low temperature (from 0°C) and high humidity (above 80%) – after adding ATLAS ESKIMO agent.
  • Recommended upon fresh renders – can be applied upon fresh mineral renders just after 5 days since their application.
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façade silicone paint

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