About us

Atlas is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of chemical products for the building industry. The products our company offers are used in constructing and renovating residential buildings, public facilities and industrial premises. Our offer includes products aimed at DIY enthusiasts and professionals looking for solutions to major building problems. Today, with almost 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and using our products, Atlas can offer construction materials which guarantee the highest quality, durability and safety.



Atlas was founded in 1991, when Polish entrepreneurship was in its infancy. The company’s growth was rooted in passion, commitment and the belief that it is worth building wisely and responsibly. The company’s permanent mission is to offer customers useful products and beneficial technical solutions to allow construction work to run smoothly and easily. Atlas is currently a capital group consisting of 20 economic entities – manufacturers of construction materials as well as producers of the raw materials for these. A major role in the company structure is played by its research and development laboratories, which are equipped with modern measuring and testing devices. Experts in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and construction work there are developing new, innovative products.



The main market for Atlas products is Poland, but the company also conducts extensive export sales. Today, Atlas is present not only in the common EU market. Its products are available in over 30 national markets all over the world. The company’s strong point is its ability to accurately recognise the specifics of particular markets, and to react quickly to customers’ needs. Efficient processing of orders and deliveries is ensured by well-organised long-term collaboration with transport companies. Also of vital significance in the export policy is the support provided by Atlas to its foreign trading partners. This enables robust, long-lasting business relations to be formed.



As a manufacturer of chemical products for construction, Atlas maintains a particular respect for the natural environment. The potential effects of a product on the environment are assessed and minimised right from the design stage. Raw materials are obtained from suppliers selected thoughtfully and responsibly. This guarantees the quality and safety of the finished products. Atlas also has a strong presence in terms of social commitment in many fields, getting involved in support for art, sport and help for those in need.