Social responsibility

Atlas Group Social Responsibility Report

ATLAS Group is not only the leader of production and construction chemicals market share, but also the leader in reporting its social responsibility.

The Social Responsibility Report is a part of the process of creation of the Atlas Group strategy, its actual implementation and results evaluation. The report gives basic information on ATLAS Group and all entities forming the Group, lists the main Atlas actions related to the role of manufacturer of construction materials and employer, but also the company activity in social engagement

The Social Report for the years 2014-15 was prepared in accordance to the recent reporting guidelines on the sustainable development issued by an international independent organisation Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4).

The reported indicators were additionally checked by an outside, independent body – Pricewaterhouse Coopers Sp. z o.o. and their location in the Report was additionally checked by GRI in the “Materiality Disclosure Service”.

The Atlas Group Social Responsibility Report meets the current and planned EU regulations, particularly the Directive on disclosure of non-financial data of companies acting within the EU market.



  • ATLAS Group Social Report  2016-17
  • ATLAS Group Social Report  2014-15
  • ATLAS Group Social Report  2013
  • ATLAS Group Social Report  2012


Sustainable development

Human activity has always influenced the environment with various means and ranges. Development called for the use of resources, but often current needs were satisfied in rash, environmentally harmful or even predatory manner. The concept of the sustainable development, listed in the crucial UN and EU documents, is an attempt of counteraction against this unfavourable tendency. The sustainable development consists in striving for keeping the optimal balance between human expectations, economic aspects and environmental needs. The aim of this behaviour is to ensure economic growth satisfying the human requirements but with respect for and protection of the natural environment.

ATLAS has been engaged in fulfilment of the sustainable development rules for many years. Our aim is to offer modern building materials which can be used in construction of warm, comfortable and safe objects. We strive to make our products conformable with the highest quality standards, highly durable and widely available for any consumers owing to broad distribution and competitive price. Simultaneously, we take care of our production and minimise the influence of any manufacturing processes onto the environment in order to make it as nature friendly as possible.