Social aspects

ATLAS csr-odpowiedzialnosc-spoleczna

ATLAS actions have broad context and reach far beyond offering modern, safe and proven products. Confidence of our customers results also from a coherent strategy of a socially responsible business.  The main areas of this responsibility are:


CSR  (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) – in 2013, Atlas as the first Polish company from the branch of construction materials manufacturing, published its opening Report on the Social Responsibility. It listed indicators referring to economic and environmental issues, employment, human rights as well as product management and responsibility.

The next report was published in June 2014 and provided detailed information on the company CSR actions in 2013 and a summary of initiatives for the construction branch, environmental care, help for the needy and support for local initiatives.

The third report, covering actions of ATLAS Group in the years 2014-15, was published in April 2016. Again, it broadly presented environmental and social activities of the company. Additionally, it analysed changes of particular indicators reported within the previous 4 years, i.e. since the beginning of reporting of non-financial data by ATLAS.


A contemporary art gallery belonging to ATLAS, active in the years 2003-2017 in the company hometown – Łódź. It provided patronage to artists and representatives of culture. ATLAS of ART was twice ranked first among Polish private galleries of “Polityka” weekly and exhibited arts of leading artists on regular basis. In the years 2006 – 2017 the gallery hold the status of the public benefit organisation.



Set up in 1996. Within 25 years of activity, the Foundation has provided financial assistance of the total value of over 66 million Polish zloty. The foundation helps people in need – most often chronically ill, who cannot afford specialist treatment. The institution also engages in intervention measures, e.g. help for flood victims.



ATLAS support professionals, but not only at construction sites. We support also those, whose spend most time at stadiums, fields and tennis courts. Passionate ones who, thanks to mettle, fight spirit, daily trainings and love for sport – develop from amateurs to professionals.




Monika Wołkanin - Łódzkie Łabędzi 2016

ATLAS has been engaged in educational and training activities since the beginning of its activity. They are addressed mostly to contractors, designers and architects, but also to sales representatives. But, as a construction branch supplier we do not only invest in experienced installers, but also in those starting their adventure with building materials.