fast setting cement mortar


Most important features

  • for repairs of concrete and ferroconcrete substrates
  • for execution of floors exposed to high loads
  • rapid strength build-up, limited contraction
  • foot traffic already after 3 hours
  • strong bonding to ceilings

Product description

• For repairs of concrete and ferroconcrete elements – corrects local irregularities as well as whole surfaces of balconies, terraces, posts, binding joists, stairs, ramps, etc.

• For filling cavities and cracks in mineral substrates – plasters, screeds, etc.

• Forms floor characterized by high compressive strength and abrasion resistance – can be used on ramps and loading driveways, in storage and production halls.

• Foot traffic already after 3 h – enables fast execution of work in passageways, corridors, on driveways, ramps, etc.

• Enables forming and exact reconstruction of the original shape and form of the repaired element – e.g. edge of balcony or terrace slab, curbs, stairs and landings.

• Rapid initial strength build-up – already after 24 h, the mortar reaches compressive strength of at least 20 N/mm² and flexural strength of at least 3.5 N/mm².

• Fixing tiles possible already after 24 hours.

• During application, perfectly bonds to ceilings and bottom side of balcony slabs – owing to molecular cohesion strength active when the mortar is semiliquid.

• Enables forming a slope - owing to properly selected, dense working consistency, the mortar enables forming slopes on surfaces exposed to water load.
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fast setting cement mortar

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