Product description

LIGHT MACHINE–APPLIED GYPSUM PLASTER BETA is designed for indoor execution of single coat gypsum plasters in residential buildings, public access buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc. Applicable for walls and ceilings, in rooms of standard air humidity including the kitchens and bathrooms. Can be used on substrates made of ceramic elements, sand–lime bricks, normal and cellular concrete.

Main properties

    LIGHT MACHINE–APPLIED GYPSUM PLASTER BETA is a modern ready-mix mortar based on natural and synthetic gypsum. The mix of these two binders brings the improved working parameters to the plaster – higher mechanical strength and lower water consumption, therefore, the plaster surface is more resistant to the conditions of everyday room exploitation. The use of lightweight mineral fillers facilitates the surface treatment during application and increases the plaster yield. In combination with the machine application guarantees fast progress of plastering works and reducing its cost. The plaster surface is even, smooth, hard and forms a perfect substrate for painting, wallpapering and tiling. The use of a gypsum plaster ensures favourable room microclimate, with beneficial influence on human health and well-being. The plaster coat is additionally characterised with favourable thermal insulation parameters and full fire resistance
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