One of the most known, appreciated and strongest Polish brands – not only on the construction chemicals market. It’s a wide range of high quality complementary and compatible products, manufactured in accordance to current market needs and users’ demands as well as regulations on the environment protection. ATLAS constantly reinvents its products, search for new solutions, provides customers with strong professional support.


Product groups:

  • products for ceramic and stone tiling
  • primers, cleaning and protective agents
  • mortars additives
  • screeds and self-leveling screeds
  • ready-to-use building mortars
  • water- and damp proofing systems
  • renders and jointless thermal insulation systems
  • paintsg
  • gypsum products



1991 Three civil engineers set up a small company called ATLAS, aimed to produce adhesive mortar for ceramic tiles. The area of its activity is Łódź and neighbourhood of the city.
1992 Coming of a Gdańsk commando: two experts in trade and marketing. ATLAS became a nationwide company. The Board consists of 5 people.
1993 “Teraz Polska” badge for ATLAS – turnover rise from 13.8 million zloty (1993) to 58.6 million (1994) – the most rapid increase in the history of the company, so far.
1999 Opening of the processing plant in Dąbrowa Górnicza – the first of four super modern plants, located in special economic zones.
2003 The first ATLAS plant abroad: in Dubna, near Moscow, Russia.
2007 A new management board formed, the owners create the supervisory board. The company changes the business management type from owner to manager one.
2009 ATLAS acquires controlling shares of the private Belarusian company Tajfun, the biggest manufacturer at the building sector in Belarus.
2010 Acquisition of IZOLMAT, a manufacturer of roofing membranes from Gdańsk. Purchase of controlling shares of Romanian group Cesal-Romcolor.
2011 Opening of the most modern factory in Belarus – Tajfun Grodno. Acquisition of controlling shares of CHEMIKS – the manufacturer of chemically setting resin screeds.
2012 Launch of roduction of dry cement mixes in Fundulea, Romania. Setting up a trading company in Ukraine – ATLAS TAK. ATLAS becomes a member of Association for Thermal Insulation.
2013 Acquisition of controlling shares of FOX Sp. z o.o. – the manufacturer and distributor of professional decorative paints and plasters.

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