Leszcze Mine

LESZCZE MINE is an open-pit mine. Excavated deposit of natural gypsum stone is located in Gacki close to Pińczów. The layers – with current exploitation level – are estimated for more than 120 years. The average content of pure gypsum in the deposit is relatively high, it reaches 92%. The are of deposit is a part of flat, southern slope of Świętokrzyski Massif. Taking into account the stratigraphic aspect, the deposit comes from geological epoch Miocene. chemicals

Stages of excavation of gypsum stone:

  • removal of superficial layer and transport to the exploited part of excavation (simultaneous terrain recultivation)
  • deep holes drilling in the upper part of the deposite
  • explosives placing and detonation
  • transport of shuttered stone to a crushing plant
  • mechanical stone crushing and classification to specified types and classes
  • calcination and partial dehydration of gypsum
  • final product – building gypsum


Events / important dates:

1982 Opening of LESZCZE deposit.
1999 Atlas-Lafarge consortium purchases 80% of shares of Dolina Nidy Gypsum Indystry Plants (Zakłady Przemysłu Gipsowego Dolina Nidy S.A.).