Gel commando for special missions

Adhesives which are equipped with an innovative siliceous gel technology are characterised by exceptional properties and almost unlimited application options. Gel revolution which started last year is still in action. The line of Geoflex adhesives, which consists of Atlas Geoflex and Atlas Geoflex White, has been strengthened with a new adhesive. This time it is of S1 deformability class!

ATLAS has developed the unique formulations in order to provide the contractors with safe and comfortable work regardless the level of difficulty. Owing to ATLAS state-of-the art technology, our advanced products are easy in use, very durable after application and, last but not the least, they speed up the work pace. The similar situation refers to Atlas adhesives from GEOFLEX line. Due to the innovative siliceous gel technology and its outstanding capability of water binding, they allow full course of hydration process regardless the surrounding conditions or type of tiles.

Water management takes place all time long until the binding process is completed. This guarantees great bonding strength and excellent adhesion to the substrates (including absorbent ones and those of high temperature).

Properties of GEOFLEX line adhesives:
– Exceptionally easy application;
– Ability to customize consistency to the contractor’s preferences and needs without loss of the declared parameters;
– Wide range of application;
– Can be applied within the 2-15 mm thickness range;
– Extended adjustability time;
– Fast and complete binding in the extreme application conditions;
– Grouting after 12 hours.

ULTRA gel technology

Analogously to other Geoflex adhesives, the siliceous gel technology became a part of Geoflex Ultra formulation. Siliceous gel is a perfect solution to problems which may arise during preparation and application of the mortar and later, when the lining is in use. The ability of water retention of the fresh mortar makes it possible to use Ultra Geoflex on sun-heated surfaces and to leave behind any doubts regarding adhesive durability and binding strength.
The hydration process is strictly related to the expected strength parameters. If there is too less water for full hydration process, it will result in the reduction of final binding strength, which in turn negatively affects the durability of ceramic or stone lining. Incomplete hydration may have, among other things,  the following consequences:
– reduction of the bonding between mortar and substrate or tiles; reduction of the remaining mortar strength parameters due to incomplete chemical bonds, which results in reduction of resistance to mechanical and thermal load,
– increase of mortar absorbency – due to formation of long open capillaries on the surface of the product.

Two mixing ratios

Siliceous gel used in the adhesives from Geoflex line makes it possible to regulate the mortar consistency with the amount of mixing water to be added (within the ratio listed in the Technical Data Sheet). It does not only greatly reduce the risk of water excess in the mortar, but also allows the contractors to adjust the mortar properties to particular needs related to the application site and preferences.

Any adhesive which belongs to the Geoflex line can be easily prepared as a zero-flow mortar. This feature guarantees problem-free tiling “from the top” without any support. On the other hand, it can provide a full spread beneath a tile and 100% support even for the largest tiles, with no risk of tile embedding due to significant weight.
Owing to the double mixing ratio feature (6.75 l/25 kg and 9 l/25 kg), one can obtain two different adhesive consistencies adjusted to their preferences.

Wide range of application

Siliceous gel technology makes the Geoflex adhesives very versatile and useful for broad range of application. They can
be used on, so-called difficult and critical substrates, such as terrazzo, OSB or existing tiles. These adhesives are designed to meet the requirements of difficult applications such as: in industrial halls loaded with vehicle traffic or substrates endangered with chemical risk. The scope of Geoflex possible applications covers also full spectrum of tiles types and formats (even above 1 square metre large), including the natural stone tiles or those vulnerable to discoloration.
Ultra Geoflex can be applied both with thin (only tiling) and thick layer (if some leveling is required prior to tiling).

Perfect spread beneath the tiles

The exceptional characteristics of the adhesive technology provide a perfect spread beneath a tile, great bonding and no flow even when very large size tiles (up to 3 m²) are in use. Same as other adhesives from Geoflex line, Geoflex Ultra is also a 3-in-1 adhesive – it allows tiling, leveling or leveling and tiling.

Resistance to high temperature

It can be used in a very wide temperature range: from +5°C up to +35°C. Owing to this feature, it is possible to tile on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight: terraces and balconies, façades and plinths.

Long open time

Geoflex Ultra offers long open time (approx. 4 hours). It is a parameter desired by contractors, as long open time makes the adhesive very comfortable in use.

Fast grouting

When using Geoflex ULTRA, one can continue the installation (foot traffic and grouting) just after 12 hours since the tiles fixing.

ULTRA possibilities
Ultra Geoflex C2TES1 is a highly flexible and deformable adhesive, which can be successfully used: 

 with all types of linings:

 glazed tiles, terracotta, porcelain-gres and liminated-gres tiles, natural stone, clinker,  ceramic and glass mosaic, glass, colored and printed tiles, concrete tiles, composite panels,  insulation and acoustic panels.

  on all types of substrates:

 old paint coatings, waterproofing, concrete, terrazzo, asphalt screeds, plasterboards, gypsum  and cement boards, wooden floors, OSB and wooden boards, cement and anhydrite screeds,  cement and gypsum plasters, metal, steel and plastic surface

 with all types of tiles:

 small, medium, large and very large tiles (> 1 m2) including slim large tiles

  as a zero-flow mortar:

 tiling “from the top” is absolutely possible without  any support; the adhesive spreads very  well  and guarantees perfect filling even beneath the largest tiles; there is no risk of tiles  embedding because of their significant weight

 on horizontal and vertical surfaces:

 both indoors and outdoors; for surfaces  of diversified traffic intensity

 in all types of objects:

 residential, industrial, communication, public access, SPA facilities and rooms exposed to  high humidity – kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and façades (also on thermal insulation  systems)

 on construction sites exposed to extreme operating load:

 unique product characteristics are protected by special packaging – a foil bag which is  resistant to atmospheric conditions and, unlike the traditional paper packaging, it prevents  the dry mortar from dampness


Original text: Katarzyna Budzyńska-Kubiaczyk, ATLAS Group

English text: Piotr Marciniak, Michał Gosławski, ATLAS Group