Paints with gloss

Nowadays people very often decide on bold changes in their apartments. We choose original decorative elements which underline exclusive character of a room.  Original effect can be formed with wall decorations made of our new interior paints – Fox Diamento and Fox Kalahari.

Both paints allow for creation of eye-catching decorations. As a result our classical interior can get new grand appearance. Moreover, owing to simple technique of painting, these products can be applied on one’s own and do not require professional experience.

When planning such metamorphosis, we should always remember to mix the original decoration with soft colours and accessories – too many patterns and textures can make the surface overbearing.

Diamento and Kalahari paints work out well both in contemporary and classical rooms – mostly in living rooms, rest rooms and corridors in residential housing, but also in conference or restaurant rooms, halls and hotel corridors.

Diamento – effect of mirror scintillation

Diamento Paint is manufactured on the basis of high quality dispersion. Special metallic fillers form soft, diamond gloss. With proper lighting we can almost obtain the 3D effect as the coated surface would play depending on the light angle and intensity. Diamento is available in 7 colours (Uran, Venus, Luna, Terra, Mars, Gold and Carbon). Application of perfect sparkling surface requires appropriate coating technique and, most of all, proper substrate preparation. It is advisable to match its colour with the shade of the decoration, as it may influence the final effect. The painted rooms can be used just after 12 hours since application and keep long lasting resistance to repeated washing.

Kalahari – effect of windblown sand

Kalahari Paint is manufactured on the basis of selected special structural additives which make the painted surface play with metallic reflexes in light. It recalls grains of sand windblown by desert wind and brings a little bit of day-to-day exotic climate. Moreover the decoration is characterised by smart, pearl gloss.

Kalahari is available in five ready-to-use colours (Lapis, Sol, Nebula, Sabulum and Vesper). Similarly to the application of Diamento paint, it is important to keep appropriate substrate quality and colour. What is interesting about this paint is the fact, that we can actually decide on the final effect appearance. All depends on the technique of distribution of grains of sand upon the coated surface.

The paint works perfectly even in intensively utilized rooms owing to perfect applicability, quick drying (rooms can be used just after 24 hours) and great resistance to damage and scrubbing.

Good to know

The application of Diamento and Kalahari paint is not difficult as long as we follow appropriate technique of coating. In case of Diamento it is important to move the roller in all directions. It is advisable to check the coating uniformity at different angles. We can add some material if needed.

In case of Kalahari it is important to find the moment, when we start to spread “sand” and form small islands. When the paint slightly dries, it is advisable to use dry paintbrush moved in different directions, so any previous brush marks are eliminated.





Step 1. Apply base coat paint of colour similar to the selected paint colour upon clean and dry surface.


Step 2. Apply the first coat of Diamento effect with a string roller when the base coat paint dries. Apply the paint with irregular crossing moves led in all directions.

Step 3. When the first coat dries, apply the second coat of Diamento effect similarly to the previous one.



Step 1. Apply base coat paint of colour similar to the selected paint colour upon clean and dry surface.


Step 2. Apply the first coat of Kalahari effect with a paintbrush when the base coat paint dries.

Step 3. Shape the surface after approx. 2 minutes since coating.


Original text: Małgorzata Zuzelska, ATLAS Group

English text: Michał Gosławski, ATLAS Group