for wood imitation render


Most important features

  • high weather resistance
  • high resistance to soiling
  • rich colours palette of natural wood
  • possibility of obtaining an aged wood effect

Product description

ATLAS BEJCA is designed for making a thin, coloured protective coating on ATLAS CER-MIT WN decorative render, imitating the texture of natural wood - the product is part of thermal insulation systems.

Can also be used on concrete substrates, all types of mineral renders (smooth, textured, etc.), gypsum render and putty, gypsum plasterboard, etc.

Main properties

    ATLAS BEJCA is produced on the basis of a mixture of low-molecular polymer dispersions and silicone resins.

    Flexibility of the coating and high weather resistance - ensured by high polymer dispersion content.

    Strong hydrophobicity, high resistance to dirt - the addition of special silicone resins allows a significant reduction in the absorbency of the coating and reduces the adhesion of dust and dirt, especially in the cavities of the render.

    Durable and stable colours - specially selected semi-transparent pigments with high UV resistance, supplemented with small additions of inorganic pigments, ensure colour stability for years.

    Available in 10 natural wood colours - colours designed ac-cording to the preferences of users from different European countries.

Main parameters

  • Drying time: approx. 30 minutes
  • Early resistance to rain: after approx. 24 h
  • Average consumption: approx. 0.1-0.15 kg/1 m²/coat.
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for wood imitation render

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