thin-coat mineral render


Most important features

  • high durability of the lining during use
  • polymer-reinforced
  • highly vapour-permeable
  • even texture using dolomite fillers

Product description

ATLAS CERMIT ND is a decorative and protective top finish of façades or internal walls.

Light and durable rendering coat – perfect top finish of thermal insulation systems.

Recommended for façades, where high water vapour permeability should be kept – porous structure of set render ensures free transfer of water vapour – therefore can be used, e.g. as finishing coat of external walls of roofed pools, kitchens, drying houses, laundries, cold storage plants, gym halls, baths, old buildings, where keeping proper warm and humidity parameters of partition is essential.

Recommended for buildings exposed to algae and fungi – situated close to clusters of greenery and water reservoirs; high pH (~12) hinders development of biological corrosion occurring in the form of brownish – green deposit and resulting in the surface damage.

Main properties

    High resistance to microscratch formation - thanks to a spe-cially selected bulk stack of fine fillers and additional structural reinforcement with microfibres.

    The high durability of the surfacing during use achieved by the addition of redispersible polymers, microfibres and special additives and modifiers are:
    - increased resistance to weathering and UV radiation,
    - increased resistance to dirt (due to the use of hydrophobic agents).
    - the limited absorbability and high diffusivity of the render effec-tively eliminates the occurrence of frost corrosion,
    - natural resistance to microbial growth,
    - maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the façade over the long term.

    Low consumption of facade paints - thanks to the use of spe-cially selected dolomite fillers, structural tightness, appropriately selected bulk density and hydrophobic additives, the surface cov-ered with the render can be can be perfectly painted with façade paints, reducing their consumption.

    Precipitation resistance - the low surface absorption coefficient combined with the high diffusivity facilitates the drying of walls, even after heavy rainfall.

    The exceptional care for the environment at the stage of manufacturing ATLAS CERMIT ND - taking into account the requirements of sustainable development is confirmed by a Type III Environmental Declaration

    Two product versions: WHITE and FOR PAINTING