ATLAS DEKO M – type TM 3

ATLAS DEKO M – type TM 3

standard decorative mosaic render

ATLAS DEKO M – type TM 3

Most important features

  • perfect durability, resistance to washing, scrubbing and abrasion
  • low absorptiveness, easy to keep clean
  • unique compositions of dyed quartz aggregate
  • wide range of outdoor and indoor use

Product description

ATLAS DEKO M is a line of mosaic renders made of advanced base: mix of acrylic water dispersions, hydrophobing agents, modifiers and specially selected natural and dyed aggregates (depending on the expected colour composition).
ATLAS DEKO M forms light and durable rendering coat of improved resistance to washing, cleaning and scrubbing.
ATLAS DEKO M is used for outdoor and indoor application of decorative and protective rendering coats on existing and newly constructed buildings:
• in composite external thermal insulation systems (ETICS) with polystyrene boards (EPS),
• on even, appropriately prepared mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, traditional cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters), plasterboards, gypsum-fiber boards, chipboards, OSB boards, well bonded paint coats (e.g. oil dado, etc.).
ATLAS DEKO M renders are recommended for:
• indoor use on surfaces exposed to intensive traffic and high operational loads (halls in schools, kindergartens, healthcare objects, offices, underground passages, etc.),
• outdoor use on surfaces exposed to high thermal loads, atmospheric factors action or those requiring frequent washing: on plinths, fences, retaining walls, posts.

Main properties

  • Rich colour palette – can be applied on various substrates, gives unrestrained offer of designs of walls at exhibition halls, car showrooms, offices, flats, staircases, waiting rooms, halls, antechambers, façades of residential and public access buildings, etc.
  • Great flexibility, resistance to mechanical damage – can bridge thermal stress and mechanical impacts owing to high content of specially selected dispersions of polymers. The render perfectly compensates stress resulting from thermal expansion of layers located beneath which can occur, for example, in strong sunlight.
  • Great operational durability – owing to the use of mix of acrylic dispersions, special admixtures and modifiers the product offers improved coat durability.
  • BIO PROTECTION – high grade of hydrophobisation and very high content of shell-active capsule substances eliminate threat and form unfavorable conditions for growth of fungi, algae and lichen on the rendering coat surface.
  • Great surface hydrophobisation, self – cleaning ability – greatly UV – resistant hydrophobic layer efficiently reduces structural coat absorptiveness and allows for durable hydrophobing effect which prevents dust and dirt particles adhesion and allows for their possible wash off during precipitation.
  • Dark and intensive colours – dyed natural quartz aggregate used in the product offers wide range of choice and design modification. Therefore, it gives rich colour palette, also with dark and intensive shades, which meets trends and needs of users.
  • Great shade durability – owing to the use of aggregate dyed with polyurethane resins and special hybrids of inorganic and organic pigments of improved resistance to external factors.

Main parameters

  • Appearance: standard effect
  • Number of available render compositions: 20
  • Packaging 25.3 kg:
  • Component A – aggregate 17.7 kg Component B – base in a bucket 7.6 kg
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ATLAS DEKO M – type TM 3
ATLAS DEKO M – type TM 3
standard decorative mosaic render

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