fine-aggregate cement grout (1-7 mm)


Most important features

  • super smooth
  • very easy application
  • resistant to dirt
  • universal - for all types of tiles and substrates
  • resistant to mould and algae

Product description

• For all cladding on any surface, inside and outside buildings. It is recommended for dry, damp and wet rooms, for underfloor heating, for heating mats, for deformable substrates, building facades, etc. • Available in 26 colors. • Available packages - 2 kg and 5 kg plastic bags

Main properties

  • ATLAS ELASTIC GROUT is produced in the form of a dry mix of the highest quality cement binders, specially selected fine aggregates, fillers, pigments and modifying additives.
  • Perfectly suited to the needs of contractors for whom work comfort is important - the grout is very easy to spread under a trowel, it is flexible and easy to apply, it provides safety and durability of solutions.
  • Flexible - the use of special polymer resins and a combination of fibers that make up the structural reinforcement counteracts both shrinkage cracks at the setting stage and dynamic and thermal loads at the operation stage. The grout can be used on:
  • - deformable substrates - underfloor heating (water and electric) - waterproofing - inside and outside buildings, including balconies, terraces and swimming pools
  • The super-smooth surface of the grout - grout is distinguished by exceptional aesthetics and easy cleaning. The extraordinary smoothness of the joint, combined with its low water absorption, protect the surface and structure against dirt and discoloration at the operational stage (the joint is fully resistant to dirt after 21 days).
  • It protects against the development of mold and algae - the content of biactive substances protects the joint against the development of fungi, mold and algae. Moreover, the natural high pH and low water absorption of the grout are unfavorable conditions for the development of biological life.
  • Low water absorption - structural hydrophobic agents protect the joint against dirt. In addition, the joint shows early resistance to washing just after initial setting - at the stage of application and first washing, there is no rinsing of the joint.
  • Resistant to scrubbing and repeated washing - cleaning does not deprive the joint of its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (the joint is fully resistant to scrubbing after 21 days).
  • Durable and intense colors for years - characterized by high resistance to UV radiation thanks to the use of special, carefully selected inorganic pigments, additionally protected against degradation by a hydrophobic polymer and titanium dioxide.
  • Temperature resistant from -30 ° C up to +80 ° C.

Main parameters

  • joint width: 1 - 7 mm
  • application temperature: from +5 ° C up to + 30 ° C
  • standby time: approx. 1 hour
  • pedestrian traffic: after approx. 12 hours
  • full load: after approx. 24 hours
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fine-aggregate cement grout (1-7 mm)

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