highly flexible adhesive 2-10 mm (C2TE type)


Most important features

  • for ceramic tiles, including mosaic, glazed, stoneware and clinker tiles
  • for stone tiles
  • for underfloor heating, plasterboard, waterproofing and balconies etc.
  • fixing tiles from the top of the wall
  • high adhesion

Product description

ATLAS ELASTYK is a grey, general-use adhesive for tiles C2TE for interior and exterior application on wall and floor.

ATLAS ELASTYK adhesive is a traditional cement adhesive with increased adhesion, for use in the installation of various types of ceramic, stone and glass cladding. The ATLAS ELASTYK adhesive formulation provides:
wide area of application - thanks to the use of binding addi-tives, ATLAS ELASTYK adhesive has high adhesion to various types of tiles (including large format) and substrates,
easy and quick application - by extending the open time and reducing run-off, tiling work can be carried out more efficiently,
durability of application - due to its elastic properties, it shows increased resistance to thermal and mechanical loads (e.g. with underfloor heating, wall heating, plasterboard, flexible water-proofing of the WODER type).

Main properties

    ATLAS ELASTYK is produced as a dry mixture of the highest quality cement binder, aggregates and specially selected modifying agents.

    Enhanced adhesion - minimum adhesion to the substrate is 1.0 N/mm².

    Even easier application - the adhesive is easier to mix and apply, and does not run off the trowel.

    The adhesive layer thickness range (2-10 mm) allows:
    - thin-bedding of cladding on an even substrate,
    - thin-bedding of coverings on uneven substrates, preceded by levelling mudding.

    Extended open time - allows the adhesive to be applied to the tile for up to 30 minutes after it is applied to the substrate - can be applied to a larger area at a time and therefore minimises working time.

    Reduced run-off - allows tiles to be fixed from above - the correct consistency and layer thickness eliminate adhesive run-off. This makes it possible to start work from the top of the wall and avoid fixing cut tiles on its exposed surface.

Main parameters

    Improved adhesion – min, 1.0 N/mm². Bed depth from 2 up to 10 mm Extended open time - 30 minutes. Reduced slip - enables fixing the cladding from the top towards the bottom For underfloor heating, large tiles up to 0.25 m2, OSB. plasterboards.

Technical data

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approx. 1.5 kg / 1 m² / 1 mm

Adhesive thickness

2 - 10 mm


≥ 1 N/mm²<

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highly flexible adhesive 2-10 mm (C2TE type)

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