highly flexible gel adhesive 2-15 mm


Most important features

  • for ceramic and stone cladding
  • zero or full flow under tile
  • entry onto the cladding and grouting after just 12 hours
  • for filling, thin- and thick-coat bonding
  • on difficult substrates, including concrete, terrazzo, old tiles and OSB for terraces and balconies

Product description

ATLAS GEOFLEX adhesive formulation uses the innovative technology of silicate gel. The silicate gel has the unique ability to bind water. The gel fills the pores formed at the stage of adhesive setting through the network of inorganic bonds. Accumulation of a part of the mixing water ensures complete cement hydration, regardless of the type of the tiles. Thanks to appropriate water management, which is necessary to complete the setting process, the gel adhesive ensures full adhesion to substrates of various absorbency levels.

The use of silicate gel technology offers the following benefits:
• the possibility of bonding any type of cladding, both absorbent and non-absorbent,
• it is possible to optimally adapt the consistency of the adhesive to the individual preferences of the contractor and the needs of the application specific application, by dosing water over a much wider range than with traditional adhesives,
• achieving a full spread of adhesive under the panels, which improves the adhesion and durability of the fixing, especially in external applications,
• safe bonding of coverings on substrates exposed to direct sunlight, both during tiling work and while the adhesive mortar is setting (e.g. on balconies, terraces, etc.).

Plastic bags: 25 kg, 22.5 kg
Alubag: 5 kg

Main properties

    ATLAS GEOFLEX is manufactured as a dry mixture of the highest quality cement binder, aggregates and specially selected modifying agents: natural and synthetic.
  • The wide range of adhesive layer thicknesses (2-15 mm) allows:
  • - thin-bedding of cladding on an even substrate, - thin-bedding of coverings on uneven substrates, preceded by levelling mudding, - thick-coat bonding of coverings on uneven substrates without the need for levelling compound.
  • No cladding run-off - provides the opportunity to glue the cladding from the top, without the need to support it at the installation stage.
  • It is possible to step on and grout the tile after only 12 hours - due to the accelerated setting and drying process of the mortar under the tile.

Main parameters

  • Temperature of the adhesive preparation and of the substrate during the work: from +5 °C to +35 °C
  • Pot life: approx. 4 hours

Technical data

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Technical properties


Mixing (water/dry mix)

6.5 - 8.25 l / 25 kg

Min./max. bed depth

2 mm / 15 mm

Open time

min. 30 minutes

Walk on/grout

after 12 hours


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highly flexible gel adhesive 2-15 mm

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