highly flexible gel adhesive 2-15 mm (C2TE)


Most important features

  • suitable for ceramic, porcelain and natural stone
  • for tile on tile, OSB, terrace, balcony, underfloor heating
  • temperature of application up to 35°C
  • non-slip on a wall or full spread on a floor
  • leyer thickness up to 15 mm
  • walking on and grouting just after 12 hours

Product description

ATLAS GEOFLEX is a grey C2TE adhesive for tiles for internal and external application on wall and floor.

Wide range of leyer thickness from 2 up to 15 mm.

No slip from the wall – cladding can be installed from the top of the wall with no additional support.

Walking on and grouting just after 12 hours – owing to accelerated proces of adhesive setting and drying.nder, aggregates and selected modifying agents.

For application in temperature from 5°C up to 35°C.

Gel Technology

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The unique gel technology used in ATLAS GEOFLEX brings the following advantages:

• adhesive is suitable for any type of cladding: ceramic, porcelain, natural stone,

• consistency of adhesive can be adjusted to individual preferences of the tiler and needs of specific job – mixing ratio is much wider than in case of traditional adhesives,

• bed depth up to 15 mm – substrate levelling and tiling at once,

• full spread under the tile with higher mixing ratio – ensured adhesion and durable bond, which is relevant for exterior use,

• safe cladding installation on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight – during fixing cladding, as well as during mortar setting (e.g. on balcony, terrace).

Technical data

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Technical properties


Mixing (water/dry mix)

6.5 - 8.25 l / 25 kg

Min./max. bed depth

2 mm / 15 mm

Open time

min. 30 minutes

Walk on/grout

after 12 hours


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highly flexible gel adhesive 2-15 mm (C2TE)

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