rapid-setting highly flexible gel adhesive 2-15 mm


Most important features

  • for quick work - foot traffic after only 2 hours
  • grouting just after 2 hours
  • installation of ceramic and stone tiles, porcelain stoneware, mosaics
  • for use in communication routes, bathrooms, balconies and terraces
  • perfect spread and no slip even with large tiles
  • for critical substrates e.g. old tiles, terrazzo, plasterboards, damp- -proofing, floor heating, concrete and OSB
  • wide range of mix water - consistency adjusted to the needs
  • for filling, thin- and thick-coat bonding
  • application in temperatures from +5°C up to +35°C

Product description

ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS adhesive formulation uses the innovative technology of silicate gel in combination with fast-setting cement.
This makes it possible to obtain:
very rapid pre-setting, eliminating the possibility of building salts building up under the tiles and in their structure,
• rapid increases in adhesion and strength.

Silicate gel has a unique ability to bind water. Accumulation of a part of the mixing water ensures complete cement hydration, regardless of the type of the tiles. Thanks to appropriate water management, which is necessary to complete the setting process, the gel adhesive ensures full adhesion to substrates of various absorbency levels.

The use of silicate gel technology in combination with fast-setting cement offers the following benefits:
• can be grouted after just 2 hours for rapid repair work,
• the possibility of bonding any type of cladding, both absorbent and non-absorbent,
• it is possible to optimally adapt the consistency of the adhesive to the individual preferences of the contractor and the needs of the application specific application, by dosing water over a much wider range than with traditional adhesives,
• achieving a full spread of adhesive under the panels, which improves the adhesion and durability of the fixing, especially in external applications,
• safe bonding of coverings on substrates exposed to direct sunlight (as long as the temperature does not exceed the permissible value), both during the tiling work and during the setting of the adhesive mortar.

Plastic bags - 25 kg, 22.5 kg
Alubags - 5 kg

Main properties

    ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS is manufactured as a dry mix of top quality cement binder, aggregates and special natural and synthetic modifiers.
  • Rapid setting – use of rapid setting cement in the adhesive formula allows for rapid increase of adhesion and strength, especially during the initial setting (first 2-3 hours after tiles installation). This ability enables to foot traffic and grouting just after 2 hours after tiles installation. The adhesive is recommended also for quick repairs of the floor (e.g. on balcony, terrace etc.)
  • The wide range of adhesive layer thicknesses (2-15 mm) allows:
  • - thin-coat cladding installation on even substrates, - thin-coat cladding installation on uneven substrates, preceded by substrate floating, - thick-coat cladding installation on uneven substrates, with no need for substrate floating
  • No cladding slip - enables installation of the cladding from top to bottom with no need of support at the fixing stage.
  • No shrinkage of the adhesive underneath the tile – no subsidence of the tiles during setting – works can be continued after a break with no risk of level difference.
  • Resistant to changing atmospheric conditions – allows for quick and safe works in various atmospheric conditions. Rapid strength gain by the adhesive limits possibility of damaging cladding during installation outside of the building.

Technical data

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Mixing ratio (water/dry mix)

0.24 ÷ 0.30/ 1 kg

Min./max. adhesive thickness

2 mm ÷ 15 mm

Pot life

approx. 45 minutes (for mixing ratio 0,24 l/kg)

approx. 75 minutes (for mixing ratio 0,3 l/kg)

Open time

min. 20 minutes

Floor access & grouting

after 2 h

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rapid-setting highly flexible gel adhesive 2-15 mm

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