sealing tapes, corners and rings without perforation


Most important features

  • highly resistant to corrosive media
  • UV-resistant
  • flexible
  • high tensile strength

Product description

ATLAS HYDROBAND 3G protects substrates against penetration of water and moisture (also under pressure) – in conjunction with waterproofing membranes: ATLAS WODER E, ATLAS WODER W, ATLAS WODER DUO or ATLAS WODER S.

Improves watertightness in areas where the use of ATLAS WODER type waterand damp proofing is not sufficient – particularly in corners of wet and damp rooms, along the joints between floors and walls, along expansion joints and construction joints.

Form a full set for wet zones waterproofing:
• ATLAS HYDROBAND 3G tape - available in three widths: 125 mm, 250 mm and 400 mm, for sealing joints between screeds and walls as well as expansion joints,
• ATLAS HYDROBAND 3G internal corner – heat-formed of sealing tape, for sealing internal corners of rooms,
• ATLAS HYDROBAND 3G external corner – heat-formed of sealing tape, for sealing external corners of rooms.

Protects against moisture formed indoors – plasters and screeds in wet rooms (bathrooms, baths, showers, kitchens, wash rooms), particularly in wet zones of these rooms - around shower cabins, wash basins, bathtubs, sinks, etc.

Protects against moisture formed outdoors – balconies, terraces, façades, cellars, water tanks, underground garages, drains, etc.

Recommended for protection of elements particularly exposed to damage when in contact with moisture - gypsum (plasterboards and plasters) and anhydrite products, cellular concrete, OSB boards, etc.

Main properties

  • Very good resistance to aggressive environment – alkalis and dilute acids.
  • Vast lateral expandability and flexibility of tape – it is elastic and retains waterproofing properties even after considerable deformation, which makes it an ideal sealant for joints between adjoining structural elements, which are subject to different stress, e.g. joints between walls and floors.
  • High tensile strength - owing to the use of resistant materials: polypropylene knit fabric and thermoplastic elastomer.
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sealing tapes, corners and rings without perforation

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