ATLAS M-system 3G

ATLAS M-system 3G

anchors for fixing boards to walls, ceilings and under roofs

ATLAS M-system 3G

Most important features

  • made of polypropylene or steel
  • stable fixing of plasterboards to walls, ceilings and slopes
  • easy-to-install point fixing
  • quick progress of installation
  • smooth adjustment of distance and inclination angle
  • do not require substrate levelling or hacking off
  • collision-free distribution of installations under plasterboard lining

Product description

Easy to install – owing to point fixing the application (installation of disc anchors and lining boards) can be done by one person.
Quick progress of work – fixing full-size boards is limited to two stages: drilling holes where the anchors will be inserted and screwing plasterboards to the discs with steel screws.
Smooth adjustment of space between boards and substrate as well as inclination angle of the lining (±27°) – the distance between plasterboards and substrate can be adjusted at will, regardless the wall geometry or the plasterwork, within the range of 10-200 mm, and – in case of ceilings – with extensions even up to 500 mm.
No requirements concerning the preparation of substrate - no levelling, hacking off cracked plasterwork, priming, etc. is necessary – plasterboards can be accurately fixed upon very uneven or cracked plasterwork as well as upon inclined walls, etc.
Possibility of correcting the wall geometry in case of not right-angled concave and convex corners – the anchors can be used additionally for plasterboards bonded to substrates of major irregularities (> 20 mm). They can then be fixed locally in the most uneven places instead of bonding the boards with adhesive.
Collision-free distribution of electrical installations, water and sewage pipes as well as ventilation shafts under the plasterboard lining – in case of existing pipes or cables, the anchors ensure quick fixing of plasterboards and keeping necessary stability.

ATLAS M-system 3G can be combined with:
- traditional technologies, such as ceilings coated with gypsum plasters,
- elements of two or more layer ceilings fixed with 120 PP, 120 ZN or 120 N anchors,
- plasterboards fixed to frames.

Reduced risk of cracks – point fixing compensates tensions of individual boards already during the installation. Once plastered, the boards form rigid structure, so that no further tensions can occur between them and no cracks would appear at the seams. The structure is separated from the cladding of the adjoining walls and ceiling by expansion joints and therefore keeps space for further deformations.
Quick installation of plasterboard casings – partially lowered ceilings, casings upon walls, etc. can be quickly installed in the relevant zones of walls and ceilings next to previously plastered elements in order to complete the interior finishing.
Possibility of reduction of space between the lining and the substrate down to 1 cm – in order to minimize the loss of space in a room.
Easy and safe to transport and storage – system elements are small and can be transported with passenger cars, which is not possible in case of solutions with frames. System elements do not take up much storage space and can be stored on limited areas outdoor or in a car.
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ATLAS M-system 3G
ATLAS M-system 3G
anchors for fixing boards to walls, ceilings and under roofs

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