highly flexible, deformable adhesive 2-10 mm


Most important features

  • excellent bonding even at low temperatures
  • ceramic tiles, porcelain-gres, mosaic, stone, glass tiles
  • bathroom, kitchen, terrace, balcony, garage, stairs, swimming pool
  • OSB, plasterboard, old tiles, waterproofing, terrazzo, floor heating
  • 3 x greater initial bonding

Product description

The formulation of the new ATLAS PLUS adhesive uses the ATLAS POLYMER TECHNOLOGY. Thanks to the high content of polymer compounds, the cementitious adhesive obtains unique properties, making it a product with the highest technical and performance parameters, assuring long term durability.
The use of the POLYMER TECHNOLOGY in ATLAS PLUS gives the following benefits:
• durable and strong bonding of the cladding to difficult and non-absorbent substrates,
• safe to use at temperatures as low as 1 °C - thanks to the setting accelerators, the use of the new ATLAS PLUS adhesive allows the cladding to be walked on after 24 hours, even when installed in insufficiently heated rooms in autumn to spring.
• possibility of use on substrates exposed to high deformation and vibration,
• high resistance to extreme operating loads - mechanical and thermal,
• excellent bonding to all types of cladding,
• safe to use for all tile formats, including tiles with a surface up to 5 m2 large,
• excellent working parameters and rheology.

ATLAS DOUBLE FIBRES TECHNOLOGY is based on a mix of polypropylene and cellulose fibres.
The polypropylene fibres used in the ATLAS DOUBLE FIBRES TECHNOLOGY are a material with very high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents or salts. They are hydrophobic, practically non-absorbent, and therefore resistant to microbiological attack. The fibres improve the mechanical properties of the mortar. The cellulose fibres become elastic and ductile under water after. They increase their volume and allow the free transport of water along the fibres, thus having a significant effect on the working properties of the mortar.
The DOUBLE FIBRES TECHNOLOGY in ATLAS PLUS offers the following benefits:
• improvement of strength parametres,
• a significant improvement of resistance to high operational loads, impacts and vibrations,
• safe fixing at large temperature differences,
• compensation of stress occurring on deforming substrates,
• improvement of water retention in the mortar: fibers reduce the result of sudden water retention both on joint with absorbable substrate and absorbable tile as well as within the evaporation zone; during adhesive binding and drying (particularly when applied with maximum coat) the fibers accumulate and transport water and keep its uniform level within the whole coat,
• limitation of the effect of tile “sinking”
• significant improvement of workability
• improvement of tiles stability just after fixing to the substrate.

Alubag: 5 kg
Plastic bag 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg

Main properties

    ATLAS PLUS is manufactured as a dry mix of high quality cement binder, aggregates and special composition of modifiers.
  • Highly flexible – deformability S1 – the permissible deflection of the set adhesive is within 2.5 – 5 mm range (test according to EN 12002).
  • The adhesive layer thickness range (2-10 mm) allows:
  • - thin-coat cladding fixing on even substrates, - thin-coat cladding fixing on uneven substrates, preceded by substrate floating.
  • Extended open time - allows placing tiles on adhesive even 30 minutes since application upon the substrate – it can be once applied onto larger surface and therefore significantly reduce the time of work.
  • Reduced slip - enables fixing cladding “from the top” – proper consistency and layer thickness eliminate the adhesive slip. This makes it possible to start work from the top of the wall and avoid cut-to-size tiles on exposed wall zones.
  • Versatility of use – the adhesive is designed for almost any cladding type, regardless the tile size, on various substrates, in any building type, even with high operational loads.
  • Recommended for: cladding in drinking water tanks, the food industry, healthcare facilities, nurseries, kindergartens, etc.

Main parameters

  • 3 x greater initial bonding, i.e. ≥ 1.5 N/mm².
  • adhesive preparation temperature, substrate and ambient temperature during application: from +1 °C to +25 °C

Technical data

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Mixing ratio (water/dry mix)

0,26 ÷ 0,29 l / 1 kg

Min./max. adhesive thickness

2 mm / 10 mm

Pot life

approx. 4 hours

Open time

min. 30 minutes

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highly flexible, deformable adhesive 2-10 mm

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