fast-setting deformable adhesive S1 2-5 mm


Most important features

  • for claddings requiring very rapid work progress and virtually immediate use
  • for all types of ceramic, stone, glass, composite panels and panelling
  • for small, medium and large format tiles
  • for difficult substrates: underfloor heating, OSB and plasterboard, old tiles, wooden ceilings, metal surfaces and plastics
  • for terraces, balconies and facades, for swimming pools and process vessels
  • for residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings

Product description

ATLAS PLUS EXPRESS is a rapid set grey C2FTE S1 adhesive for tiles for interior and exterior use, on wall and floor.

The formulation of ATLAS PLUS EXPRESS adhesive uses polymer technology. Thanks to the high content of redispersible polymer resins, the cementitious adhesive obtains unique properties making it a product with the highest technical and performance parameters, guaranteeing durability for many years. The pres-ence of polymers ensures that high adhesion is achieved for any cladding to any substrate, including so-called difficult and critical substrates. Thanks to the interlacing of the polymer network with the network of inorganic hydration bonds of the cement, the adhesive achieves exceptional performance. The use of fast-performance cement enables very rapid increases in adhesion and strength to be achieved within no more than 6 hours of bonding the tiles.

Main properties

    ATLAS PLUS EXPRESS is produced as a dry mixture of the highest quality cement binder, aggregates and specially selected modifying agents.

    It is highly flexible - deformability S1 - the allowable deflec-tion of the cured adhesive is between 2.5 and 5 mm (tested according to EN 12002).

    It is fast-performing - it provides very rapid increases in strength parameters - very high early adhesion allows tiles to be stepped on and the cladding grouted after just 4 h, pedestrian traffic after 24 h, and vehicular traffic on the finished floor is possible as early as 14 days after bonding.

    It has high adhesion and durability - the actual achieved adhesion to the concrete substrate after 28 days, including after thermal ageing, wetting, freezing and thawing under standard conditions, is twice the adhesion required according to EN 12004.

    Extended open time - allows the adhesive to be applied to the tile for up to 30 minutes after it is applied to the substrate - can be applied to a larger area at a time and thus significantly re-duces working time.

    Reduced run-off - allows tiles to be fixed from above - the correct consistency and layer thickness eliminate adhesive run-off. This makes it possible to start work from the top of the wall and avoid fixing cut tiles on its exposed surface.

    Reduces the impact of weather conditions on the correct execution of the cladding - allows the cladding work to be completed quickly and safely in the face of unpredictable chang-es in weather conditions. Optimum working speed and rapid achievement of performance by the adhesive reduces the possi-bility of damage to cladding carried out out outdoors.

    Recommended for wall and floor coverings in general construction, industry, commercial buildings, health care facilities, nurseries, kindergartens, etc., wherever very rapid work progress is required and almost immediate use of the surface is expected after completion.

Technical data

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Mixing ratio (water/dry mix)

0.21 – 0.23 l / 1 kg

Min. /max. adhesive thickness

2 mm / 5 mm

Pot life

approx. 1 hour

Open time

min. 30 minutes

Walk on/grout

after approx. 4 hours

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fast-setting deformable adhesive S1 2-5 mm

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