modified silicone paint


Most important features

  • outstanding colour durability
  • well coating
  • highly resistant to soiling
  • no primer required
  • low absorptiveness

Product description

Wide range of use – on single- and multi-family housing, industrial, public access buildings, outhouses.
Can be used as decorative and protective coat – also upon surfaces exposed to high thermal and operation load.
Recommended upon fresh renders – painting thin-coat mineral renders 5 days since their application.

Main properties

  • BIO PROTECTION – creates unfavorable conditions for fungi and algae growth due to low water absorption and acid-alkaline reaction.
  • PEARL EFFECT – water absorbability reduced to minimum – advanced technology based on silicone dispersion effectively protects painted wall against soaking.
  • Forms surface resistant to dirt bonding - paint surface is extremely consistent, microscopically smooth, therefore particles of dirt, algae and fungi spores easily lose contact with and are naturally removed with rain and wind.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – by our concern for the natural environment the paint recipe is based on natural fillers only, with maximum volatile compounds content reduction.
  • Does not require a primer – the first paint coat primes the substrate (refers to fresh renders).
  • Water vapour permeability – paint surface forms microscopic, so called “breathing”, structure providing free transfer of water vapour through the painted partition.
  • Elasticity – high resistance to cracks and scratches owing to compensation of strains resulting from different thermal expansion of substrate layers.
  • Stable in use – resistant to weathering, changeable atmospheric conditions and aggressive elements contained by substrate and natural environment, obtained due to binders combination – paint combines the advantages of silicate and dispersion paints, high elasticity, perfect water vapour permeability, low absorptiveness and good resistance to abrasion.
  • Free arrangement - palette of 400 popular colours, in accordance to SAH Colour Scheme for Renders and Paints.
  • Application in low temperature (from 0°C) and high humidity (above 80%) – after adding ATLAS ESKIMO agent.

Main parameters

  • Next coat application: after approx. 6 h
  • Drying time: from 2 to 6 h
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modified silicone paint

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