façade silicate paint


Most important features

  • water repellent
  • perfectly vapour-permeable
  • ensures long-term durability and protection of the facade
  • for painting fresh mineral renders

Product description

Hybrid silicate binder - ATLAS SALTA S paint is produced on the basis of a mineral binder - potassium glass, enriched with polymers - thanks to which it has unique physical and chem-ical properties, excellent working parameters and, above all, many years of durability, without changing the technical and aesthetic parameters of the finish during use.

The mineral nature of the paint guarantees:
- highest vapour-permeability and thus breathability of the building walls and no accumulation of moisture in the partition - product also recommended for paint coatings on historical buildings, buildings undergoing renovation, renovation renders,
- a chemical bond that permanently binds the paint to the substrate, eliminating the possibility of cracking and peeling of the coating under mechanical stress and thermal deformation,
- resistance to microbiological infestation: mosses, algae and lichens, even in extremely demanding locations (close proximity to forests, parks, meadows, water bodies) - high alkalinity of the product protects against biological corrosion, ensur-ing the aesthetic appearance of the surface,
- reduced downtime during façade work, and thus reduce the amount of work required - fresh mineral renders can be painted as early as the third day after application without fear of efflorescence.

Inorganic pigments - selected pigments provide many years of resistance to the damaging effects of UV rays and the durability of the chosen colour.

Polymer additives - the binder and coating hydrophobic additives used reduce the absorbency of the product, protecting the sub-strate from precipitation and the ingress of moisture and dirt.

Main properties

  • It has a very high vapour-permeability - ensuring the free transport of water vapour and the diffusion of moisture through the substrate on which the paint has been applied.

  • It penetrates into the substrate structure to form a homo-geneous system, insensitive to cracking and peeling.

  • Available in 212 colours - in line with the SAH Render and Paint Colours.

  • It has very high covering power - thanks to the inorganic pigments used, it provides an excellent and longlasting effect after just one coat application.

  • Creates unfavourable conditions for fungal and mould growth - due to the high alkalinity of the product.

  • It can be applied to fresh mineral renders as early as 48 hours after application.

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façade silicate paint

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