façade silicate paint


Most important features

  • highly alkaline, resistant to fungi, algae, lichen
  • perfect water vapour permeability
  • long term durability and façade protection
  • for painting fresh mineral renders

Product description

ATLAS SALTA S is manufactured on the basis of mineral binder – potassium silicate supported by polymers • therefore it offers unique physical and chemical properties, perfect workability and, above all, long term durability with no change of technical and aesthetic parametres.

Mineral characteristic of paint offers:
• the highest water vapour permeability, therefore full permeability of building walls and no accumulation of damp in partition – product recommended for application upon heritage or renovated buildings and renovation plasters.
• chemical binding which permanently bonds paint to substrate, therefore eliminates risk of paint cracking and loosening under static stress and thermal deformation,
• resistance to microbiological aggression: algae, moss and lichen even in most demanding locations (close to forests, parks, meadows, water reservoirs) – high product alkalinity protects against biological corrosion which destroys surface aesthetics, • shorter technological breaks during façade work and reduction of costs – fresh mineral renders can be painted three days since their application with no risk of efflorescence.
Inorganic pigments – specially selected pigments ensure long term resistance to destructive action of UV radiation and colour durability.

Polymer additives – binding additives and coat hydrophobic agents reduce product absorptiveness and protect substrate against precipitation, damp ingress and soiling.

Main properties

  • Very high water vapour permeability – ensures free transfer of water vapour and damp diffusion through substrate the paint is used upon.
  • Penetrates the substrate structure and forms uniform system, invulnerable to cracking and loosening.
  • Available in 352 colours - in accordance to SAH Colour Scheme for Renders and Paints.
  • Perfect coating – owing to the use of inorganic pigments, the paint offers perfect and durable effect after single coating.
  • BIO PROTECTION – creates unfavorable conditions for fungi and algae growth due to highly alkaline reaction, ensures long term protection.
  • Enables painting fresh thin-coat mineral renders 48 hours since their application.
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façade silicate paint

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