white general use adhesive for external wall insulation


Most important features

  • no priming mass required
  • for mineral wool and polystyrene (also for graphite polystyrene)
  • for boards and for the reiforcement layer
  • reinforced with microfibers
  • very good application parameters

Product description

ATLAS STOPTER K-50 is manufactured as a dry mix of high quality cement binder, aggregates and modifiers, reinforced with fiberglass.

ATLAS STOPTER K-50 is an element of the thermal insulation system and is used for:
- fixing of EPS thermal insulation boards (white and graphite) and making a reinforced layer on.
- fixing of mineral wool thermal insulation boards (façade and lamella) and making a reinforced layer on.

ATLAS STOPTER K-50 is recommended as a reinforced layer for render coats on large surfaces in dark, intense colours - it extends the range of available façade colours, e.g. the required HBW coefficient can be reduced to as much as 10 %.

Recommended for works where there is a need to combine two different thermal insulation materials: mineral wool and EPS boards - especially in the case of facades with fire protection.

Recommended for insulation of standard, passive and energy efficient buildings – helps to reach the partition tightness required in passive housing, fixes insulation boards even 25 cm thick.

Paper bags 25 kg.

Main properties

  • High resistance to microscratch formation – thanks to a special selection of fine fillers and additional structural reinforcement with a special combination of microfibres.
  • High durability - the durability of the reinforced layer and resistance to weather conditions have been increased with the use of a combination of redispersible polymers, microfibers, special additives and modifiers.
  • White cement base – the use of white cement reduces the formation of discoloration or gaps on the plaster (especially in white and pastel colors) and allows you to avoid additional painting.
  • Very high adhesion – the high content of polymer dispersions ensures higher adhesion to to problematic substrates.
  • Vapor permeable.
  • Limited absorptiveness – together with thin-coat renders perfectly protects thermal insulation against water action.
  • No priming mass is required - the unique structure of the bonded adhesive creates a layer to which thin-coat plasters adhere strongly, and the white cement reduces the possibility of discolouration from grey cement on the surface of this type of plaster.

Main parameters

  • Min./max reinforced layer thickness
  • - on polystyrene 2 mm/ 5 mm - on mineral wool 4 mm/ 6 mm
  • Pot life: approx. 4 hours
  • Open time: min. 25 minutes
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white general use adhesive for external wall insulation

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